Auto-Owners Week 5

This week was an exciting social week at AO. On Tuesday, the claims and legal department had their 3rd annual cornhole tournament at lunch. I participated in the tourney and they randomly paired us up with each other in order to meet new people. There was 2 divisions and 126 players. We also had hired the cafeteria to cook hot dogs and hamburgers and salads for lunch. Even though we didn’t win it was still a fun time. I got to get some fresh air and have some fun while meeting new people. It was nice to be able to put faces to the names of people that I email and communicate with.

On Thursday, we had our intern networking day. It ran from 9:30-1:30 including different networking activities for the interns as well as a free, paid lunch. We had three different groups for about 50 minutes each. We did speed networking (like speed dating) to get to know people and their background a little bit. Networking Pictionary was another activity. It was Pictionary with networking terms and was challenging but fun. Lastly, we had round table discussions with former interns who stayed on full-time with AO. It was interesting to see how things have changed in the past few years and their experiences in the different departments. I’m glad I was able to meet some more interns and find out more about their departments in case I wanted to try and switch departments next year. The HR team was really interactive and did a great job putting on the event. Plus the free, paid lunch from the cafeteria was a bonus (I had sushi).

The next intern event is in a month where we have a meet and greet and lunch with the senior officers. This will be a great experience to get to know some of the officers personally while continuing to meet other interns. It is always nice when you ask other people where they go and they say MSU, which is 90% of the interns. I am getting more claims now, 12 at the moment. Next week I will update everyone how my demands are going. Have a great weekend!



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