Week 2 – Getting started on the Expectations program

In my second week at Forest Akers Golf Course as an intern for Steve Ruthenberg, I actually had some fun in developing Steve’s Expectations program. We started off by sitting down with one of Steve’s seasoned employees, Richard. Richard just graduated from Michigan State this past spring and has worked at Forest Akers since he was a freshman in college. The three of us sat down and accessed each category of the Expectations program that we would be filming instructional videos for the online employee manual resource. Some of the departments we filmed for included: Pro shop (both east and west courses), starter (east and west), carts, on course instructions, cart barn, and the practice facilities. For each of the categories I just listed we shot several short videos highlighting the proper and improper ways to perform employee tasks. Steve is concerned with improving the quality of service his employees can deliver to their customers and believes that by including a more modern, technological approach with how-to videos, he can improve employee competence.

Throughout the day, Richard and I traveled almost all locations of both the Akers West and Akers East facilities shooting instructional videos. We were able to enjoy some nice weather, laughs, and Richard actually almost got hit by a golf ball in the middle of one of our shots. While traveling to all the different course locations, I met a few more of the Forest Akers employees. All were kind and willing to help with our videos. Next week we will continue to work on any additional video shooting needed to meet Steve’s requests across all golf course employee job functions. We will also spend time looking at the videos and deciding how we want the editor to make any changes or formatting to make them as useful as possible for Forest Akers Golf Course.


Starting at Forest Akers

This past Friday I began my experience at Forest Akers golf facility. I reported to the pro shop at 8:30 and met with my supervisor, Steve Ruthenberg. Steve was kind enough to introduce me to the cashiers in the pro shop and some of the other employees working with accounting, the golf course, and event planning. My first assignment was to go through their employee manuals. Mr. Ruthenberg is focused on updating and refining the course’s employee manuals for new hires. I went through the Forest Akers employee manual, as well as the MSU employee manual. I was able to find some formatting errors and several different things within the text that could be updated and improved for the new manual. Steve was curious to probe how well the average reader retained the information in the manual so he tested me on it. As he expected, I did not score perfectly. With the results, him and I will work on better labeling the points that I did not retain based on their importance. For my homework, I am going through many other manuals this week so we can improve/update all of them. I am excited for this coming Friday when I will begin a large project that will pose as a challenge to me, but will greatly improve their hiring process. I am going to be putting together Forest Akers’ golf course Expectations program. I will be acting as a YouTube actor for their employee videos which actual new hires will use for their training. We will shoot 10+ instructional videos highlighting employee standards, functions, etc. I am looking forward to providing their HR department with this helpful tool. IMG_5080