End of 8 at USE

As week 8 comes to a close, all I can  think about is how fast this summer flew by. I enjoyed my time at USE and I am looking forward to the final two weeks. I am on day 8 of my 10 days straight work week and the days are starting to drag, although I am being send on a business trip on August 4th. I am being sent to Saratoga, New York for 4 days and I am looking forward to getting out of the non-stop New York City life for a couple days.


Week 10 at All-Phase

This week at All-Phase we discussed our final project which is putting together a forecasting report for our profit center. This tasks includes determining your market and forecasting what your next year market share should be. You look at all the salesman’s individual sales territory and forecast how much more gross profit they could make in the next year. You also include the goals of your profit center on market share, amount of gross profit, customer base, etc. I believe this is a very cool and unique opportunity to get a very in depth look at the business and experience what each profit center manager has to think about throughout the year.

Week 11 at Herman Miller

This is our final week of preparation before our big presentation. The group has seen each other more than they probably wanted to this week. The constant practice and rehearsals we’ve had this week are just to fine-tune our effectiveness at getting the point across and making us more and more comfortable speaking the content. Though, I’ve nervous and excited at the same time. Being the only sustainability intern on the sustainability project that’s full of other interns with different backgrounds really applies some pressure. I’m expected to know more than the others about this topic which has lead to me having a decent part in the actual presentation. I start the presentation from welcoming and “thank you” and go on to set the stage and foundation of the material.

I also got to interview the executive that the sustainability team reports to. I really enjoyed our conversation. He has lots of changes he hopes to see in the near future that I’d really like to be a part of – and I made that clear. I agree with what he’s saying and feel very passionate and interested in implementing those ideas. He was very open and welcoming and allowed me to ask lots of questions.

There was also a large corporate gathering where everyone comes together to hear the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) talk about their future plans. It is also a very interactive conversation since employees from around the world and in our subsidiaries are able to ask our executives questions. It’s an event that everyone looks forward to since our executives are otherwise unapproachable for some. Especially those that work in subsidiaries and are lower on the chain. This is something I wasn’t familiar with companies doing. Though, I found it very valuable to the organization as a whole. I found it makes employees feel better connected.

Week 10- Wilbur Ellis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am amazed with how fast time is going. I have less than a month before this internship is over and I go back to school to start my senior year. I could not be more happy with my decision to come to Michigan State because without it I would not have had the opportunity to intern with Wilbur Ellis where I’ve learned so many things. Things like bugs, diseases, specialty crops, and that this is the right career path for me.

In work right now, I am continuing to scout fruit, veggies, and bugs. I am working on my end of the season wrap up presentation that I have to present in front of all the other interns from Wilbur Ellis who reside in the same area. My presentation will be about my test plot on Hops. I am testing whether or not the chemicals I am spraying will enhance the quality of the cone. I am spraying once a week for 5 weeks and I just finished up my fourth week of spraying so in a few weeks I will be able to tell if the cones quality was enhanced or not.

Wilbur Ellis as a company is a Class A company and I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking employment or looking for a salesmen. I have been very fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience with such wonderful, helpful co-workers. I will be able to take everything I have learned and gained from this internship and apply it towards my career, both educationally and professionally.


Week 8: Tanimura and Antle

This week the fact that my internship will soon be coming to an end is starting to set in. At the same time, I will be happy to be able to go back home to see my family but also I’ll be sad to leave behind some of awesome people and good friendships I’ve made out here in California.

This week my role has been mixed up somewhat due to the fact that Planttape plantings have been relativity light, with us only planting 2 days during this six day work week. I’ve been bounced around the department filling in where I was needed. I filled in for one of our employees that manages our automatic weeding machines, which I have been able to see before but this was different with being given more responsibility and being able to get more hands on with the machine. I also floated around with our celery planting crew leader assisting him in looking at next weeks plants in the greenhouse and creating a planting schedule based on what we saw.Also this week I have been helping the cauliflower crew leader as he prepares to move his equipment for planting in Yuma, Arizona. This has included helping to service his machines and help with loading them onto the correct trucks for transport next week.  What I have spent the most amount of my time on however is helping our crews perform routine maintenance on our transplanting machines. Although working in the shop is not one of my favorite things I do think getting hands on wrenching on the machines gave me a lot more inside knowledge on how they actually work and what parts are most prone to failure. This insight I believe will make me much more comfortable in working on these machines in the future.

Week #10: Meridian

In today’s world, technology plays pivotal role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. But of all the industries impacted by technology, healthcare, specifically health insurance is definitely one of the most important. As more millennials interact with the healthcare system, the industry finds itself facing a more demanding group that won’t stand for inefficiencies with that same acceptance of previous generations. Our generation, otherwise termed the instant gratification generation, looks at the industry from a convenience perspective. Companies have looked into making the process more effective by creating apps that make booking appointments, talking to doctors, and simpler provider transactions. But this is just the first step to meeting the expectations of the new generation.

FIM blog #10

When people go to a fast food place or a drive-through, the level of service, wait time, and approximate cost are on the low end of the spectrum. As a result they’re some of the most frequented food establishments in the country. Similarly, the healthcare industry is a booming business with the insurance mandate passed by the government in 2014. The question now becomes whether the current process can be geared to tackle the needs of the future generations?

  • Electronic medical records to improve diagnosis accuracy and save time; only downside is open access to PHI (HIPPA/ Privacy & Security Act)
  • Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) approach



Week 10: Meijer


This week at Meijer I am starting to wrap things up. This week I primarily worked on my internship project. I have to present my project on August 11th to Meijer executives. My project is going to be my presentation on a new position that I have created for retention and training.  I am going to be presenting the job description and procedures. I am also going to have to back up this plan with reasoning from the research I have done.

My project consists of a new position with the job description of a team leader position designed to help interview, hire, onboard, train and create relationships with new team members.  This position is dedicated to improving retention at the store level.  I am working closely with the HR team at Meijer to help develop and shape this position properly. I think this position is going to help Meijer immensely.  This opportunity to create this position has given me so many opportunities to interact with leadership at Meijer.

Service Express: Week 10

Rolling into the last week of the month to hit our goals, my team found that we were not able to hit our ideal goals. Personally, we all did an acceptable job in reaching what we could be proud of given the circumstances. A trend we saw in our call results was that a majority of the higher-ups that we were trying to reach this month were on  vacation. With our activity staying the same if not higher, we pegged our low meetings-set numbers to the fact that people just weren’t around the office to pick up the phones are meet with our Account Executives.

Having an over the top successful month in July, my team felt pretty discouraged this month when we were not able to achieve the same results. However, we did not let our lower success stop us from pushing back. We came up with new strategies and tactics to get in touch with people who were not picking up the phones. We utilize LinkedIn as a prospecting tool and sent even more InMails and Emails to those who were not picking up the phones. Cold-calling vs reschedules also makes a huge difference in how people answer your calls when you do finally get them on the phone. Realizing what works and what doesn’t and constantly adapting to the current situation has been an important thing for us to keep in mind this month.

Even though our class is coming to an end, I still have a few weeks left while I continue on with my internship for the duration of the summer. I am looking forward to picking up the pace in August and completing some of the projects I have been working on and sharing my results.

Last week at Coyote

As this internship is slowly winding down, I am achieving goals left and right! I found out that this past week, I have book the most books since I start, 23! Given that the market prices for moving loads right now are very cheap and carriers do not want to take the loads for their prices, I am improving my selling skills tremendously. Also, more and more carriers are beginning to call my line directly for everything from booking loads tholepin them solve issues which means that they are trusting me more. I have put so much time in developing these carriers by calling them every day trying to figure out what trucks they need covered. By putting in so much effort, I am finally seeing results as this internship comes to an end and it is bittersweet.

This weeks intern huddle was with our Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Pickett. I learned a lot from him as far as when Coyote began and how we got to where we are today. He explained how the CEO and CPO always had a vision of Coyote being a multibillion dollar company and the route that took place for them to get where we are today. They invested millions of dollars into a company that has only started to make real money within the past couple of years, all because they believed in their company. Listening to Chris speak about this as really opened my eyes to how hard I need to work to be successful in my career. Everything is not an overnight success and most things take time to progress with hard work and dedication.

Overall, this internship has being a wonderful eye opening experience and I an very appreciative of the opportunity that I have receive and I will show my appreciation by taking this opportunity and applying it to my last year of undergrad, grad school and my future endeavors!

Week 8: Frito Lay

This week we visited a bin location. A bin is like a distribution center warehouse but it is smaller and a lot of times in a more rural area. We went and visited the bin in Mt. Pleasant. Another difference between a distribution center warehouse and bin is how the product is loaded onto the trucks. In a distribution center people that work in the warehouse load all of the Route Sales Representatives trucks. In the bin there isn’t anyone that works in the warehouse, the Route Sales Represenatives have their own bins where they store the product that they order and they organize it themselves and then they load their own trucks. The bin Route Sales Represnatives have more responsibilities because they have to manage their inventory. When we were at the bin we watched and help them do inventory, every period the District Sales Leader and Route Sales Representative do inventory to make sure it is correct. It was really interesting to see how the bins work!