Week 10 Meelunie – Raisa Lenau

The end is almost near! I only have three weeks left and I am very excited to be getting near the end. I am not excited to go back to school but I only have a year left so I want to hurry up and get it over with. The end of this internship is getting to be very stressful because I feel like there is a lot of pressure on the end result of this project and it is just becoming so overwhelming and I am not managing the stress well. I think it is a normal amount of stress, well my boss says that anyways, but sometimes it does not feel like it. I just want to be able to give them all the information they were hoping for and for it not to be sloppy. I also feel like I have more anxiety in general about the project because I would possibly like to work there after I graduate. I think it has been difficult making sure I am going in the right direction when the office is so busy and everyone is in and out all the time. This weekend we are putting the desks together and then going out afterwards and I think it will be a really great moment for our office to bond especially cause there are so many new people. I wish the internship was longer because I do not want to leave, because I really enjoy working with the people who are there. This last week was especially great because we had a few people visiting from the Dutch office and it was just a great time to get to know other people in the company and hear their work experience and their take on things. I will be very sad to leave in three weeks.


Week 10 Wilbur-Ellis

This week I went and scouted potatoes in Kalkaska. This was quite a learning curve for me because I am so used to corn and soybeans, but it was awesome to see how other specialty crops are grown. I also worked more on my internship project this week and made significant progress. I will use the data I gathered to help aid my research paper. Lastly, I finished the week scouting corn and soybeans. I even was able to see a corn field that was completely shredded from armyworm. You could hear them eating in the field and it was the weirdest sound ever. Overall, this week was fun and I learned a lot about a few crops that I was unfamiliar with.

Week 10

This week at work was a new experience for me. I got to work in the purchasing department for a couple of days and then got to work with a contractor at a job site. The purchasing department was really interesting because we got to see all of the pricings and types of companies that are in the industry. A lot of what I did was analyze the price of how much it is for us to purchase and how much we can sell it for. It was very cool for me to see because I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers. Working with the contractor was a very fun experience as well. I worked with Scott, from Elite Electric and we were working on a house. I got to see how the wires ran through the house and how to switch the outlet plugs around the house. We also installed a fan and light in three bedrooms. It was very fun to network with him and really get to see what his job is like. I learned a lot about our products and how they are put to use. I intend on going to another one of his job sites this upcoming week to bring him lunch. I think this is a good way for me to speak with him more and really get to know him. This upcoming week I will be working in the projects department. I am very excited to work on big projects that are crucial to the company. Our main projects employee, worked for 20 years at one of our manufacturers and I know that I can learn a lot from him. I am excited to see what the following week brings and get the opportunity to learn more about our company and its different sectors.

Week 10 – Nutrien

This week at Nutrien was not much different that previous weeks. To start the week, the other intern and I scouted around 1500 acres over a 2 1/2 day period of soybeans, sugar beets, and corn. It was quite interesting to see armyworm for the first time this year in corn, but it also was a very big problem for one of our growers.

During the remainder of the week, we staked the corn and soybean plot at our location and came in the next day to finish putting signs. All in all, we put up around 250 road signs this summer and the number will continue to climb.

Week 10 – Brock Farms

Week 10 is here! As my internship is coming to an end, I am starting to feel that my last few weeks at Brock farms will be bittersweet. I am looking forward to taking a week off to attend the UP State Fair before heading back to school. I have learned so much and will really miss the everyday farm life. My favorite part was working with the calves and having my own project to work on each day. I am hoping to return to Brock’s next summer for another great year.

what was your favorite part of your internship?

Week 10 Cargill Gibson City

Week 10


This past week seems like it flew by. Some days I feel like I blink and it’s time to leave already. Monday, we had a contractor come out and fix our bulk weigher crack. That meant that someone had to be on fire watch the entire day because the welder was welding from 9 am until 3:30pm. Me being e couldn’t sit still while I was watching for fires, so I swept water out from our rail load out incase we had a train show up. We spent most of the day setting up the ground piles for this coming harvest. We must couple aeration tubing to exhaust fans and then connect more aeration tubing onto that until we reach the center of the pile where our tower is. Roughly 130 aeration tubes are needed per pile. Tuesday afternoon I worked on my presentation a little bit by taking dome pictures of our plant. Wednesday I was told to go back out to the pile, so mike and I sorted tubes again until we ran out of decent socked tubes. That lasted until about 2pm. I spent the afternoon dealing with corporate policy. I was trying to get a security system set up, so we could view all our live feed cameras on 1 screen not 8. I had a contractor come out and look and everything on his end was fine. I reached out to corporate, and then I was introduced to the policy on computers and Cargill network. Don’t get me wrong I understand they want vetted computers on their server I get that, I just wanted to run security cameras, that we already had, onto 1 screen. That took 2 hours by the time I got everything sorted out. Thursday, we did plant inspections/ housekeeping and a pre-train inspection, making sure everything we needed to load a train was operational. Thursday I also spent some time in our control room doing more grading and sampling. Friday, I came in early at 6 am so we could load our train, that never showed up. I showed my manager my project for next week to present. That went over well, he seemed to like it which is a good thing. And the rest of Friday I just kind of followed one of the trainees around. We did try our new NGMO testing kits Friday, that as neat. I also put together office furniture with my supervisor and was able to talk about work and school and other things. Sunday our train finally showed up, so I spent today loading that.

Beuschel Fruit & Dairy Week 10

As I enter the final month of my internship, I’ve reflected a lot on what I’ve learned this summer. I truly love caring for animals and I’ve found my strengths in the workplace in doing so. We are gearing up for more animals to calf within the next few weeks, so I have to prepare my supplies for the program I created for fresh cows. I’ve also been doing a lot of breedings in the heifer pen and have watched the conception rate in the heifers increase now that the weather has cooled down a little bit. We also had a reproductive specialist come audit and visit with us this week to find areas of improvement in our programs. One thing I have been doing this week is be more conscious in watching for heats during the day and coming in the barn more often to watch for heats in cows. That’s one area we really needed improvements in. I also found a cow who slipped a calf and we didn’t know it, and she is consequently getting sold. She was a pet cow and I’ve really bonded with her- it’s sad to see her go! I’ve been getting to know each animal on the farm so well this summer and I’ve given my all to give them the best life possible. I want to continue to do so in my career and after school when I return to this farm.

CHS Update

This week at CHS we did a lot of different cleaning type things around the location. Since their really hasn’t been a whole lot of new things happening at CHS we took a field tour around to a few different show plots that they have this year. We also met with a few of the farmers that have the show plots and asked them how this year has been in comparison to others. They explained that they were generally quite shocked at how well the crops are looking. Since it got so dry here a lot of the crops were pretty fried, but since the rain we got a lot of them came out of it. The one farmer wasn’t excited, because he said you can easily be deceived on how well the crop looks at this stage.

week 9 morris


Not much has happened this week. With two broken ribs I am kind of limited to what I can help out with around the farm, but hey it finally forces my boss to help me catch up on my internship because she keeps pushing me to the side. I know it is because I came into the internship with more experience than majority of the other interns, but it still isn’t an excuse. I started learning how to work our farm’s dairy-comp system and making cow rotation lists. This coming week I will be learning payroll.

I took a couple of days off after breaking my ribs to rest, but little did that happen. Our county’s 4H fair was this week and my sister brought two horses and a feeder calf. One of the horse was actually my rodeo horse, who can be quite a handful so I spent most of my time up at the fair grounds to help her. While up there I got recruited to help judge our sweepstakes competition as the chicken judge. Which was shocking to me because yes I did show meat birds growing up, I was never very good, but hey I still had fun! I am surprised they didn’t ask me to judge horses our beef, something that I proved to excel in multiple time, but oh well.

Linked at the bottom of the page is a bull calf I delivered on Wednesday, I named him Drew. Funny story, when I went to open his box stall to feed him colostrum he jumped out and wouldn’t go back in until he finished his bottle. Stinker!






Week 10

This week at work I did more progress quantity takeoffs with Self Perform Concrete. I attended our weekly meetings and took notes which I used to send out to everyone involved in the meetings. I also made a final to do list with my project team of the dates to complete my final list of tasks. I had to give my end of intern speech in front of all of the other interns project teams! I did really well with this speech which makes me happy and confident moving forward with public speaking.

My team had a team barbeque which my superintendent cooked amazing food. I got to see my first concrete pour which was awesome and ask a ton of questions about it. I uploaded photos into our shared box folders and came up with an outline for our safety meeting that I’m going to lead next Monday.