Blog Posting Week 2

We had Memorial Day off so that was very nice. On Tuesday I got to CPS at 8:00 am, I sat down and put the fields I had scouted into a system called CPS mobile, then I went out and scouted fields with two other workers Kayla and Darci. Once we got back to CPS Darci and I have to drive to Brekenridge to pick up 12 bags of seed and then delivered them to a farmer. Wednesday I started work at 8:00, scouted fields in Holly, MI for the day, entered them into CPS mobile when I got back. Thursday I got to CPS at 7:30, left with Kayla and the other inters Morgan, Darci and Jake for the auburn office for the 2015 Summer Intern Training Meeting. The meeting started at 9:00 and we started out by getting an overview of the meeting. The first part of the meeting they talked about general crop scouting, weed ID, disease ID and then we took a 15 minute break at 10:45. After the break they talked about insect ID, growth stages of crops. We then took a lunch break at noon, where they provided us with the option of subway subs or Jets Pizza. After lunch they talked about nutrient deficiencies, tissue sampling, nutri-scription reports, NS Tracker, and CPS Mobile. When they finished talking we went about 2 miles north of the office to do a wheat field tour. They even provided us with a small bucket filled with a tape measure, a shovel, and weed books to help identify weeds/diseases with a lot of information. It was a very beneficial meeting and I am so glad that we got the opportunity to go. On Friday I filed invoices in alphabetical order and then put them into envelopes to be mailed, I filed other papers into the filing cabinets, and then scouted fields for the rest of the day. We did not have to work Saturday this weekend because it rained so that was very nice.


Week 2 ConAgra Foods

Currently, ConAgra Foods is deep into their campaign called Child Hunger Ends here. Whenever you purchase a ConAgra Foods product, there is a code on the back and you can simply go online to enter the code. For each code entered, ConAgra Foods will donate one meal to hungry kids in America. Participating brands include Banquet, Chef Boyardee, Hunt’s, Marie Callender’s, King’s Hawaiin, Pam, Reddi Whip, Snack Pack, Healthy Choice, Wolf Brand Chili, Act II, Egg Beaters, Mueller’s, Blue Bonnet, Libby’s, Lofthouse Cookies, Parkay, and many more. ConAgra Foods has commited themselves to helping fight child hunger in America for the past two decades, and for 2015, it is the company’s goal to give 3 million meals to hungry children. Nearly 16 millions kids in America are at risk of hunger so if you purchase one of ConAgra’s brands, please enter the code on the packaging online!


Week 2: Archer Daniels Midland

This week I started working at my location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at a corn processing plant. Throughout the week, I learned a lot about not only how the office is ran, but how they process the corn to get the products they want. On Wednesday, I was given some tours of the facility, which consisted of two different plants at my location.

First, I was taken to our dry mill where they make ethanol from corn. It is called the dry mill because of how the processing of the corn occurs. The tour took about two hours to do and I learned an incredible amount of information about the process that will help me be a better merchandiser since I understand what they do at the dry mill. While on the tour, I was able to walk across a catwalk where the conveyers take the corn from the silos to the processing plant. I thought this was really cool because it is really high in the air and I was able to get a cool view of the whole plant from higher up. From there, I was able to see just how big the whole location is with all the plants and buildings. It was truly incredible to see how large my location is. On the tour I found out that I am working at the largest corn processing plant in the world. It is pretty awesome to be able to be apart of it.

The second tour I took was of the wet mill. The wet mill produces a variety of products from corn like corn oil, corn syrup, and various other products. They have a more in depth process of separating all the parts of the corn kernel like the germ and starches to create the different products. It is incredible how they can separate all the different parts and use everything.

Both locations create bi-products of the processing, which mostly becomes feed for animals in the form of wet feed or pellets. These are sold to farmers with dairy cattle and beef cattle all around the surrounding states. Another interesting fact I learned on the tour is that between both plants, my location grinds about 700,000 bushels of corn a day. That is a lot of corn! That means my job as a corn purchaser is to bring in a lot of corn on a daily basis in order for the plant to be continually running, which will make me have an interesting summer that I look forward to.

Week 3: 5/25

My third week at Exel Logistics has made me believe this will be a great experience. I had been put on a project to create shipment ID’s for a ton of Estes invoices. On Thursday, I realized that our contract with Estes, is that if we don’t receive the invoice within 180 days of the shipment date, we will not pay them. Therefore, I went back to our freight pay department and gathered all the information I needed and figured out how many days we received them after the ship date. I am now in the process of creating a pivot table to total the amount we will pay Estes each month.

The project became something more important than just creating shipment ID’s for these invoices, it became something important and that I was able to work and think on.

Something cool related to my project also is that I am working on creating and Excel document and it makes me super happy that the miserable CSE 101 is making my life a lot easier in a work setting. It’s nice that I can see a lot of my schooling involved and taking play in this new job of mine.

But, other than the new and improved  project, this week has been rather slow. I am excited to start working on tracking and tracing shipments. I should be starting that soon. There is also a project that 2 other interns will be coming to Livonia in a few weeks, will start on a project that we will work on together throughout the summer and then at the end of July, we are going to headquarters to present to the company. I believe it will be a great opportunity to showcase our skills to some of the top people in our company, which means some of the top people in the whole supply chain industry.

Grainger Internship

I started working for W.W. Grainger Inc. on Monday May 18th.  The first day was just orientation and then the next day I was able to get my feet wet and go to the distribution center in Minooka Illinois at which I will be working all summer.  The first week I worked the day shift and saw all of the different departments.  It was really cool to see all the items Grainger sells to their customers including anything from beef jerky to gun holsters.  This week I worked the night shift from 7pm to about 5:30am for three days/nights.  I did about the same thing as the days just observing the different departments.  Next week I will start my project focusing on the damaging in their packages.  Most of the damages happen in UPS shipping so I will be focussing on that.  It is also really assume that Grainger is hosting me in a hotel all summer!,d.b2w&psig=AFQjCNHiR8JTx4JLgLjutrzNtcYKr-mtFQ&ust=1433043889682866

Kellogg Week 1 &2

I am an IT-Services intern at the Kellogg Company headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan. I am on the Big Data Analytics team. My first day was on May 18, 2015. Upon arrival, I really liked how welcoming everyone was to the interns.  Everyone was so willing to share their experiences with the company to me. I thought it was really cool that Kellogg displayed everyone’s name on the New Employees of the Week monitor right for people to see when they walk into the building.  The company fed us for the first week. The food was so good! The first week was just basic orientation, however, I did get to take a really cool picture with Tony The Tiger.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.24.49 PM

My second had its ups and downs, but ended on a good note. Apparently, there were a massive request for computers for the interns that didn’t get ordered; resulting in some interns not getting their computers last week. I was one of those interns. It’s safe to say that having the company’s computer is a vital life line to the duration of employment. Everything is communicated through company’s server; which is only available on the given laptops. When someone doesn’t have a computer nor Kellogg email, they’re not connected with the other employees or interns. Agendas are not communicated to those people. It’s essentially like you’re not a employee. I feel like having your computer is more important than actually wearing your work badge. I’ve  really been  experiencing a lot of technical difficulties since I started working.

To lighten the disadvantage, I’ve been job shadowing my manager, Chad, for the time being. I’ve been taking notes, sitting in on important meetings, inputing ideas and etc. I’ve been experiencing the life of a Data Scientist; which is actually pretty interesting. I’m learning a lot about the new data innovations Kellogg is trying to design. Just the other day, I was learning about and how to use all the data platforms used in Kellogg. I also had the opportunity to join other IT groups and listen in on the specs of their E- Commerce  projects. I really didn’t mind the shadowing because I was networking with some very intelligent employees from different departments,  acquiring exposure and insightful tips.

Today I got to start on one of my many projects assigned. I got a chance to meet up with some other interns, working on the project, to create a storyboard. I’m really excited to get started. I’m most likely going to start on the portion that was assigned to me this weekend, to familiarize myself with the software. I also received word today that I’ll get my computer on Monday. I’m excited for next week.

Week 1 Retail Operations at SpartanNash

My first week at the SpartanNash Headquarters was basically training for the projects that I will be working on over the summer. The first day was an designated as the orientation day, where all ten of the interns became acclimated with the company and received guidance from HR. After that I spent some time with one of the Specialists that works in the Grand Rapids area. His name was Larry and I spent Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday with him touring various locations and adjusting to the different stores they have. Larry filled me in on what one of my projects was going to be for the summer. He said That I would be working to implement their Pick Six Program in stores that did not already have them. The Pick Six Program is a variety of craft and microbrew beers that come in individual bottles and the customer can pick from them. If the customer gets six beers they get 15% off the order. I thought this sounded like a great project for me to start out on and it would allow me to get involved with both the retail and merchandising computer programs.

Then on Thursday I meet my boss for the first time because he had been traveling because the company had bought stores in some other states. We connected right off the start and I believe that he will truly make this internship valuable for me. The project he has me on with provide me with real company situations that I will have to implement a plan and follow it through to the end. This will be highlighted in my end of the internship presentation where I have to present to the executive board about my project and shown them my results. On Friday, after some confusion on paperwork I received a company laptop and was able to be trained on computer programs that my team and merchandising use for putting together the Pick Six Program. The week came to an end after my training, but week two holds some challenges that will be fun to work through!

IMG_07791        20150528_102906

These pictures show the group of interns at SpartanNash for the summer and the sign they placed at my desk to show others where I work (Also so I know where I should go).

Week 1 – Tenneco Automotive Internship

This is my second summer at Tenneco and I was originally worried that I was going to return and that they were going to start me over as if I was a new intern in doing the most basic tasks of a buyer. Therefore, when I began I expressed to my manager that with this being my second summer with the company I was hoping to be a lot more hands on and perform more advanced tasks, he happily agreed and expressed to me that he wanted to treat me as a regular buyer and was expecting me to perform that way during my time this summer at Tenneco.

Week one, started off with me re-familiarizing myself with the systems and within a couple hours I was back at full speed with working the programs and my manager had already piled the work on. To my request my manager gave me initial tasks that were at the level I was when I ended my first internship with the company last summer. As the week went on I began taking on new tasks that were a whole new challenge that I very much enjoyed. I had a few meetings with my manager and the other buyers in my team to discuss my plan for the summer and some of the benchmarks they would like me to complete during my internship. I am definitely excited to see where this summer goes and the experience I’m going to have and skills I will be able to take away from this summer. This summer I also plan on furthering my professional career network and I’m hoping to set some building blocks for a future career upon graduation. I will be sure to keep you all updated with my progress as we go along.

Week One & Two: DTE Energy

I started my internship with DTE Energy on Tuesday, May 19th. Today marks the end of my second week with DTE Energy.

Between this week and last week, I’ve already began working on my projects. My first week was pretty slow because my boss and the others who I will be working were still getting work together for me. Starting last Thursday I received my first project and immediately started looking for a way to efficiently go about to complete the project. This week is when I started getting the rest of my workload after one on one meetings with a few of my staff members. After these one on one meetings, the person who I meet with would meet with me later so they can see me complete the work and prove to them that I can complete the job.  My manager ensures me that more work will come my way.

After completing my second week I now have a total of three projects. The first is customer contact update project.The goal of the project is to add contact data for about 1095 different customers. This project also serves as a way to better communicate with customers. The second project I receivied is a safety focused project where I will work with the safety team to manage their four block and display board. The last project I received is managing metrics for calculating the team’s number of customer visits as well as customer satisfaction ratings as well.

I’ve also been networking with my team and the rest of the department looking for ways to help them out more. That has taught me the importance of taking notes when talking to people. This is important because it save time from asking questions on information that I should already know.

Week 1 at Michigan Farm Bureau

I started my summer internship at Michigan Farm Bureau on Monday, May 18 inside their Young Farmer and Promotion and Education departments. Today was the end of my second week, however, this week was shortened due to Memorial Day.

Thus far through my internship I have already been put to work. This week and last week I was working on the monthly newsletters that our department sends out, I continued to work on setting up a golf outing that is going to be taking place this August, and I also took care of some billing that our departments deal with along with other tedious work. Although, my most memorable day so far in the two weeks that I have been on full time is when I got to job shadow one of our public policy lobbyist’s downtown at the Capital. I followed him around on his normal workday and got to experience everything he gets to day in and day out. I was able to see a lot of new and incredible things, meet a wide variety of people in the legislature, and I was even able to sit in on a session with him in the House of Representatives chamber. This was a great experience for me and it opened my eyes to a larger spectrum of how big the Ag industry really is.

I have a couple other events planned this summer which I am really looking forward to. Sitting in an office setting is good, comfortable, and cozy, but getting out and seeing hands on things being done is something I find very valuable. I am really looking forward to the summer ahead and the tasks this company has to offer.

Overall, I am really enjoying my time here at Michigan Farm Bureau. I have been blessed with an amazing team of colleagues to work alongside of and I am learning a lot. Everyone makes me feel welcome and more importantly important to our success. I have a role and I do not feel like just an “intern” nor do I get treated like just an “intern.” I sit in on staff meetings and have a voice of opinion on a lot of matters.