Frontier Promotions Week 4

This week was pretty good for me. On Monday I got promoted to an account manager. It’s really crazy to me that in only after 3 weeks, I got promoted. This promotion gave me a lot more responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are small office stuff like  making copies and making sure we have enough supplies. The bigger responsibilities are training and teaching entry level employees and in the future running meeting, planning events, and interviewing potential candidates.  I trained 2 people this week in the field and one of them did well enough that he can begin what’s call his solo push. This means that he gets him own territory and will go out on his own next week. It’s still crazy to me that I am able to train someone to where they are good enough to go out by them-self, and soon they will be able to train someone else, and I have only been doing this for 4 weeks.

The best part about the company is the fact that everything has a system. What we do everyday is built on a system so I can theoretically go to any location and still be successful. Also the way you get promoted is based on a system and not experience. You need to get the right numbers in order to be promoted. There are people that have been working for 3 weeks longer than I have and I got promoted before they did, because I stayed motivated and worked harder than they did.

I am really excited for the rest of this internship because I am learning a lot about sales, marketing, and management. Also next week I was selected to go to Grand Rapids and work in the territories down their so I’m really excited about that.

Week 10 CWA

Working in Traverse City was an excellent experience, people were very active and informed on the issue we were campaigning on making my job very simple. I am very thankful for the opportunity to branch out to the Ann Arbor office and get work done together in a beautiful area in the state, it was a really redeeming part of the job.

Auto-Owners Week 9

This week has been a busy one for me because we have a lot of people out of the office for vacation days. I enjoy the extra work I get when they are out of the office because it keeps me busy all day and makes the time go by faster. While other claim reps are out of the office I am handling their files and talking to claimants for them. It is fun for me to put myself in the shoes of a full time employee so I can see exactly what my every day job would be.

There is a lot for me to look forward to next week. For starters I only have a 3 day week because I am taking a couple vacation days to go to Chicago for a long weekend. Then on Thursday next week we have our summer intern lunch with the senior officers and get to meet the CEO and president. Last summer this was my favorite event of the year because you get to learn from the senior officers and also get to meet and learn more about them professionally and outside of work.

Week 9: Pond Hill Farm


Me having a grand old time using the bottle labeler that I made earlier in the month. We bottled over 15 cases of 7 Mile IPA and Conspiracy of Ravens Porter on Monday.

******Disclaimer: this is a small novel, sorry about the length******

For this blog, I’d like to tell you about my Friday: I woke up at 6:45 and was down at the Petoskey Farmer’s Market by 7:45 to help set up. Instead of staying till noon like I usually do, Jimmy (the owner/boss) and I left at 8:30 once we were all set up because he needed a ride back to the farm. We had our weekly meeting from the front seat of my Volvo while listening to String Cheese Incident. When we got back, I watched as he duct-taped some sheep’s feet together to take them to the facility we use to slaughter them, which was quite unpleasant. After that I walked down to the parking lot to find a dog tied to the bench on the deck right outside the farm store. I walked inside to ask Cindy (farm store manager) what the deal with the dog was and discovered that she had found him in the middle of the road this morning with his leash still on, about a mile away from the farm. Luckily we’re in a small town, so she was able to identify the owner with a post on Facebook. Once we found out where he lived, I had the honor of schlepping the big drooly hound back home.

I pulled into the driveway that Cindy had described — a long narrow drive leading up to a blue mansion overlooking the water. I parked outside the house and went up to the front door, gave it a couple knocks, rang the door bell, waited for a while… no answer. I walked around the lawn and called out to see if maybe she was in the garden or the garage, since the garage door was open, but still no answer. The house didn’t look like it was very lived in. There were some power tools and nails just inside the door, and a stack of mail on the bench. All I could see in the garage was a Subaru Outback, a red 70’s Corvette and an opened suitcase laying on the ground with clothes spilling over the sides. I went back to my car to grab a piece of paper and left a note on the door that read: “If this is Kathleen’s house, we have your dog down at Pond Hill, he was found in the road this morning.” I rang the doorbell a couple more times but still heard nothing, so I got back into the car with the dog and was about to pull away when I saw a red jeep pulling a Uhaul trailer coming up the driveway. I got out of the car with the dog on a leash and he drove up to where I was parked, gave me a quick wave, and kept driving past me; eventually parking about 40 feet away by the garage. I walked over to his car and he gave me a signal that he was on the phone with someone, he stayed in the car on the phone for a good five minutes while I stood in this strangers yard with a random dog — safe to say I felt pretty uncomfortable. He finally got out of the car and greeted the dog with a “Hey Rob.” We introduced ourselves, then I asked if this was Kathleen’s house. He said it was and asked if I got an answer at the door, so I responded, “No, do you think she’s out looking for her dog probably?” To this he replied, “Ohh, probably not.” I found this response kind of strange, and wanted to ask him what how he knew Kathleen, but didn’t feel like I was in a position to do so. He offered to take Rob’s leash from me so I handed it over to him, thanked him, and went back to my car — with even more questions than before. Why was Rob in the middle of the road with his leash still on? Where the h**l is Kathleen? And who is this guy that knows Rob? So now I’m back at the farm typing this up on my lunch break, still very confused, and it’s only 11:45. So there’s my “interesting happening” for the week. Happy Friday everyone.


Rob — I already miss him.

Stone Road Farms- Week 9

This was a very busy week at the farm. We had 300 acres of sorghum sudan Grass to cut, merge and chop. After that we had to fertilize all 300 acres of that same ground. I started most days with cattle chores and then started in the fields for a full 16 hour day every day. But it was a pretty enjoyable week for the most part, because I got to drive about every piece of equipment or do something different every day.

Over the weekend I was hauling wheat for my dad, once we finished ours I got thrown right into the loop of the custom harvesters route. I spent the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday hauling grain and running grain cart for him.

Come Monday morning we started chopping at 8am. I began the morning by getting scale sheets ready for the truck drivers. After that I was packing pile until noon, then I got thrown into a semi to haul the chopped sorghum sudan grass. After all of this I got to fertilize the 300 acres by myself, which was a long and pretty boring job.

Come Thursday morning we got a call that the custom baler was going to start at noon. So naturally we got everything ready and started to haul. But the first load, one of the trucks broke down. So we only had one truck and trailer. I was running the loader and decided to make a bold move and load the trailer up even higher than normal. By this decision we were able to haul 217 large square bales to the farm in 6 hours, traveling 13 miles one direction. This was record time for anything like this we have done before. The boss was pretty impressed. Chopper truckGrain cart

Week 7 Neogen

This week was fairly eventful at Neogen. On Monday when we arrived at work we learned that we had gotten a new CEO and that the founder of the company was stepping aside. This was big news because Neogen has only had one CEO in its entire existence. Wednesday we had an employee health and wellness fair. Representatives from many different companies involved in healthy eating, insurance and other wellness activities came to talk to us about the different things that we could be doing for out health and well being. Thursday was the investors barbecue. Anyone who owns Neogen stock is invited to come to a barbecue hosted by Neogen where they can learn more about the new products and what is going on with the company. The CEO, President, VP and CFO all take turns talking and explaining what has gone on throughout the last fiscal year. Stockholders can also ask questions. This is followed by food being served charge free.

Sam’s Club Week 7

This week has been very productive and interesting for me. For the first half of this week, I was working in the produce, meat, and bakery section of Sam’s Club. In the produce area, I learned about produce damage. The produce damage rate has to be no more than 4%. The bakery department was the most productive section that I’ve been in this week. I was able to learn how to bake croissants in the large oven. I also had the opportunity of shadowing the cake decorator. I thought that making frosting on a cake was a piece of cake; I thought wrong. There’s a lot of strategy involved when it comes to decorating a cake. The 2nd half of the week involved my team and I presenting our first internship project. Our project involves us conducting a survey to business members about the items they buy, the type of services they use, what different items they want to see Sam’s Club, and the different type of services Sam’s Club need. We presented our project in front of Club managers and market managers.  Majority of the businesses that we contacted want Sam’s Club to deliver their goods to their business. Delivery saves them a lot of time from picking up their items at the club. Some of the business stop shopping at Sam’s Club because Sam’s Club discontinue 1 item that the business need. Overall, my group and I did a fantastic job on the presentation. Our last presentation is on August 4th.

file (5).jpeg

CHS week 9

This week has been very busy at CHS. Now that most of the sweet cherries are gone there is a lot less scouting to do but they had me do some other things to make up for it. I had to opportunity to do some more work in hops which was really cool. On Wednesday I got to go out to MI Local hops to do some leaf sampling. This is a company that I would love to work for someday so I am glad that I had the opportunity to go there. They are the largest hop grower in Northern Michigan. We were testing the leaves for nutrients. This is a pretty routine thing that we do for them around this time of the year. Today I got to go to another hop grower and take soil samples from 3 of his hop yards. I am glad I am getting the opportunity to work with these hop growers because it’s an industry that I hope to find myself in one day. While doing this all week I still have been taking in spotted wing dresophilla traps into the MSU research center for testing. Needless to say its been a busy yet fun week.

According to my boss this has been a crazy year for cherries. We have had tons of brown rot and leaf spot. He has been doing this for 20 years now and he said that this has been the busiest season he has had since he moved here. Farmers busted their hump to keep up with everything but unfortunately some farmers still couldn’t harvest some of their sweet cherries from all the brown rot.

Delaval Week 9

I had the pleasure of travelling to Indiana for week nine. I was assigned to work alongside an employee who has been in the Dairy industry for over 50 years. Dale started out dairy farming on his own with around 70 cows. He later sold his farm for a profit and began working as a dairy consultant. He found his way to Delaval after 15 years and hasn’t left since. He has such a wealth of knowledge and specializes in cow health. This is interesting because most of the other employees focus on the equipment side of things. We spent a lot of time driving from farm to farm. This gave me the opportunity to ask a variety of questions. Everything I asked he had answer for. I learned so much from him in just a week and I am very grateful for that.

For the last few weeks Delaval of Indiana has been struggling with their iodine mixing pumps. Normally there are three ingredients that go into a mix that sanitizes the cow’s teats before and after milking. For a long time everyone purchases dips that were pre-mixed but recently farmers starting putting in batch pumps that could mix the three ingredients at precise quantities every time. This has been a major cost savings and it allows farmers to tweak the ratio in whatever direction they want. Since the pumps have been put in however, they break down far more often than we would like. The majority of the week we spent working on those pumps and trying to make them run properly. I learned a lot about the insides of the pumps and the control board. We spent some time with the engineers that developed the boards and I was able to learn some interesting things from them.

Week 9 BASF

This week has been quite similar to weeks in the past. I spent a good majority of it on my own following up with many of my accounts I have been working with. Many of my conversations revolve around our plant health products and their outlooks for the season. Many of the retailers are having very good luck with many growers wanting to use fungicides in both their corn and soybeans. So far our plant health markets looks to be quite strong for the spring we had and the difficulties everyone faced. Another subject we have been covering is the new dicamba product to see how those applications have been going. Many successful applications have happened across Indiana. Which is great to hear since there have been so many negative comments about it. Lastly I wrapped the week off riding along with our Innovation Specialist. It was a great experience because I like being able to shadow other careers in the company to see what my fit may be. We had a grower plant health meeting where we grilled for the growers and retail location which is always fun. My internship is winding down quite quickly and I am excited to see what it may still have left to help me better myself.

Week 9 Earthy Delights

I can’t believe that I only have two more weeks until my 11 week long internship is done. I am learning so much about the specialty food industry, and sales. I have been the main employee at Earthy Delights who fills in for salesman who are on medical leave or on vacation. I have enjoyed talking to customers, taking orders and generating revenue. I think the last six weeks I have been doing consistent work filling in for the salesman. This week I am filling in for our outside sales employee, she travels all around Michigan to various restaurant displaying product and creating a personal connection. I have been calling on many of these accounts and many customers have given me good responses and I have been able to write about $3,500 in sales. She is new in sales so is still working on building accounts. She has built a very strong client base in Detroit, selling to high end restaurants who are looking for unique products to feature on their menu. I enjoyed taking to her client base this week. One thing that was hard is she has a good connection with a lot of these customers and many of them would text her and she would have to relay the message to me when I had already tried contacting them on the phone but they did not answer. I also did some cold calling for myself this week. I believe I was kind of successful as I scheduled two in person visits as well as emailing chefs product guide or answering questions. Sometimes later om in the day I get a bit un-motivated to call customers and I believe that I really need to cut this out since it could lead to a bad habit. I also need to follow up with some of last weeks customers that I cold called who I emailed product guides too.