Frontier Promotions Week 4

This week was pretty good for me. On Monday I got promoted to an account manager. It’s really crazy to me that in only after 3 weeks, I got promoted. This promotion gave me a lot more responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are small office stuff like  making copies and making sure we have enough supplies. The bigger responsibilities are training and teaching entry level employees and in the future running meeting, planning events, and interviewing potential candidates.  I trained 2 people this week in the field and one of them did well enough that he can begin what’s call his solo push. This means that he gets him own territory and will go out on his own next week. It’s still crazy to me that I am able to train someone to where they are good enough to go out by them-self, and soon they will be able to train someone else, and I have only been doing this for 4 weeks.

The best part about the company is the fact that everything has a system. What we do everyday is built on a system so I can theoretically go to any location and still be successful. Also the way you get promoted is based on a system and not experience. You need to get the right numbers in order to be promoted. There are people that have been working for 3 weeks longer than I have and I got promoted before they did, because I stayed motivated and worked harder than they did.

I am really excited for the rest of this internship because I am learning a lot about sales, marketing, and management. Also next week I was selected to go to Grand Rapids and work in the territories down their so I’m really excited about that.


AAA Week 5

Week six at AAA is getting better work wise. I think I have learned all of the things that I will need to learn for this internship this summer. I still need practice to master so things, but I have learned everything. I have to work on learning how to read a home owners insurance bill. I am able to read the auto insurance because I deal with those every day, so it is repetitive and I get practice with it. The home bills we don’t get often because it isn’t due every month, I haven’t really gotten practice with it. The international drivers permit is challenging too, because I’ve only done one and need a lot more practice with it. I ask for help then the rude lady that I talk about every week doesn’t help me, she just takes it and does it herself. I really can’t stand that woman. She was gone for 2 days, and those were the best two days I’ve had since I started here. I really would like to know her reasons for picking on me. Anyways, I am starting to see myself possibly working for AAA for a career. Honestly it’s not if I like the job, it’s about the pay and benefits, and AAA has a very good pay and benefits for their employees. I will probably try to intern with them again next summer until I figure out what I would like to do with my life. They pay well, you automatically get a free membership and towing,  full time employees get a great 401k plan, health insurance, life insurance cheap since we sell it, can transfer to many other states that I would love to live in, and many more benefits. I could settle for this job just for those things.

-deja rush

ABS Global Week 4

This past week was pretty laid back for me. I didn’t have anything to exciting happen. I coded cows for most of the week. When I code a cow I go out to dairies and we go through all the physical traits like udder, feet and legs, and body confirmation. I then go through all the categories and give the cow a score in each area on a scare of 1 to 100. We then take the data from each farm and match it to their own master plan which is set up with the genetic specialists. Then once the numbers are sent to headquarters the data is processed and each cow is mated and or matched with a bull that we can breed her to. The bulls are picked out by the farmer and genetic specialists or sales rep and there is usually a group of bulls that we can choose from and the system will mate from that grouping. I usually only mate in the area I live in. This week though I was given the opportunity to go down to what is called Chino Valley which is where a lot of farms started back in the day and now are moved to more central California. Chino Valley is pretty much in LA and that was a whole different experience. This past Friday I started my summer project. I went out to dairy farms in southern California, which the whole state operates completely different than the rest of the U.S. I forgot that it was Father’s Day weekend, so all farmers were already gone for their beach houses come Friday. So i had a very unsuccessful day. I talked to no farmers that day.

Week 5 @ Meelunie

This past week contained an insane amount of learning as I was put under the task of finding bulk pneumatic carriers for Meelunie.

In short, bulk pneumatic trucking companies are responsible for transporting materials that are shipped in large quantities, including (but not limited to) grains, starches, powders, and oil.

It was my job to find a bulk pneumatic carrier that could transport some feed from our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario to a customer in Guelph, Ontario (which is the Toronto area). This task was not easy, however, as I learned that the biggest issue facing the transportation industry is driver shortages.

Week 3 Meelunie – Raisa

This week was long. I am trying to finish up supplier work and start work in Innova. I am feeling really anxious about starting my research in Innova because I want it to be thorough so I can give an excellent presentation at the end of my internship. So I am hoping this coming week will be working out the kinks of Innova and categorizing what we need. I meet the other intern this week, Lisa, via a video conference call. She is working on the same project for our company but in Europe. We are now scheduled to meet once a week to discuss how market research is going and differences on our results depending on the country, so I am excited for that.

Outside of my main project, I was asked to find buyers for excess material we have in warehouses for recycling so it would not be landfilled. I am so beyond happy I was able to find great deals for the material and ensure it will be recycled. We will actually earn money from recycling the material as opposed to paying 1300 dollars between LA and Chicago to landfill it. The second thing I am working on is creating a deal with a second use furniture buyer to purchase our office furniture so we all can get stand up desks. I am hoping they will come with an offer this week and it will be within the range we are looking for.

Lastly, it was my birthday this week and the office could not have been sweeter. Everyone wished me a happy birthday and got me a card and a gift card. One of my co workers even got me an Edible Arrangement because I had been talking about how I have never had one. It was a great surprise! I am continued to be reaffirmed that there is just the most amazing group of people working there and I am so grateful everyday to get up and go put in my hours with them. I am sad however because we were informed this week that Deric, this seriously excellent guy in our office, is leaving. I am so thrilled for him because he will be working for a vegan food company and it suits him well. But sad to see him go. He is just one of those people that when you meet, everything about them tells you that they are just a great human being, so I am bummed I won’t get to work with him the rest of the summer.

But I am looking forward to another week with a great team and enjoying my last week with Deric.

Week 4

This week was more busy compared to previous ones. A lot of orders came through for a variety of products in the specialty team, I learned how returns work, and I tried to help the team fix problems in any way I could. With the specialty products becoming more and more popular with the rising consumer health trend, more products and samples are being ordered at Ingredion. This includes our zero-calorie steevia product, sugar derived fiber, liquid sugars, etc. By me placing all the orders that come through, it gives the other team members more time to resolve issues. One of these issues can be why returns would need to be filed. Some reasons for returns we had this week was poor quality, wrong product, changed mind, and so on. When filing returns we write what the reasons were such as pH level being off or the driver was turned away. We then write how much of it was returned, what warehouse it is going back to, and how the customer will be billed. In one case, the customer turned away the product due to them not needing it anymore after the product was already in transit, in which case the customer still has to pay for the transportation costs.

I also attended some meetings regarding my team going 100% paperless and transitioning to OneNote. This program is something I am familiar with so I help the ones who are not with how to set up notebooks, sharing, searching, etc. I actually taught the team the calculator feature as well as narrowing or widening the searches within OneNote. This project is something I want to be more involved with as it is something I think will increase efficiency and reduce paper usage tremendously.

Every week we now have organized “Lunch n Learns” for interns to learn more about different parts of Ingredion. The one this past week was presented by one of our Product Managers who I work with frequently regarding product issues addressed by customers. In the presentation he told us his career path, what a Product Manager does, and advice on how to be successful in the future. I spoke with him afterwards and come to find out, he was at MSU recruiting at the Diversity Career Fair. These “Lunch n Learn” sessions are something I am looking forward to every week as it is a chance for all the interns to get together and we meet more professionals in the company who all work in different sectors. This helps me as well figure out what areas interest me more than others for a possible future job.

CHS Week Overview

This week at CHS things had started to slow down a little with the amount of product that we have been sending out. Since planting is close to wrapping up many guys are pretty much done getting the 10-34 starter fertilizer. They are now all switching over to their 28% side dress blend for their corn. So now some more of that has been going out to farmer that have corn that is tall enough to apply it on. Also, there was some wheat head scab found this week which prompted us to head out and check a few other fields for it to let the farmers know if we found any. We didn’t end up finding any, but it was still interesting to get out and explore some wheat fields. We also did a little bit of tissue sampling this week of soybeans up in Ravenna. We are still waiting to hear back from them, but don’t really anticipate seeing any strains of disease in which we would have to head back to the farmer to talk about. Another thing that happened this week was the loader for the dry fertilizer broke down, so we had to get a rental one with a much bigger bucket. Since there have been a lot of guys coming in to pick up fertilizer for their hay it was nice to have a little bigger bucket which helps speed up the whole process. Lastly, this week we started to pick up some mini-bulk seed totes at a couple local farms. We picked up 14 of them that still had corn seed in them and has to be returned to Monsanto, and we also picked up 23 empty ones that we had to break down which will also go back to Monsanto. When we got these the farmers we all in the yard by the farm, so it was cool to get to talk and introduce myself to them and hear how this spring has been going for them.


This week was much more calm and laid back compared to last week. This week they did not have me cover anybody’s territory while they were on vacation. I just merchandised all week in Holland, Muskegon, and Grand Haven. A task I encountered was while working at a Family Fare in Holland we were supposed to receive a PRD, a Pallet Ready Display. These are the nice cardboard shelving you see inside stores. Sadly we did not receive the PRD but we had already arranged with the store manager we would have the PRD set out. So I had to figure a way to get a display on the floor. To which I found a couple of hutches, cardboard shelving, in the back which I was able to put on the floor.

I learned Walmart while also testing out their new automated ordering, they are testing out inventory an inventory tracking system. Only a few Walmarts are participating in the program. This I believe is to help with the automated ordering system.

In an Article written by The Layoff stated that the new CEO of Mondelez-Nabisco was performing a cost-benefit analysis of the DSD program would have the results by the middle of the year. We should be hearing from the CEO relatively in the near future about his thoughts on the future of the DSD program which could affect me and thousand of others.

Here is a display I built in the Grand Haven Meijer


Beuschel Fruit and Dairy Week 6 (4 for the class)

We have slowed down a lot now that hay is done. Now is my time to catch up on the little jobs that got lost during harvest. I scrubbed down the barn and the parlor, made sure all cows and heifers were up-to-date on vaccinations, and reviewed any items that need attention before our annual inspection. Every year our entire milk route gets the state Grade A milk inspection. It’s very important to produce high quality milk and -while it doesn’t often get portrayed this way- is important to follow all procedures according to inspection. I met with our cooperative Representative and she gave me some tips on our areas of improvement. It’s very exciting to be part of the dairy industry now that people I have been going to college with are now in the workforce. The dairy industry is a small community and it’s great to work and catch up with old friends. I also learned this week how important it can be to just spend a couple days away from the farm to gain a fresh perspective. I was taught by my boss that the abnormal can become normal if you don’t take the time to step away. I went camping this weekend and I do indeed feel recharged for the next few weeks of endless milking shifts!

Week 6 at Crop Production Services

This week was an extremely busy one. I was scouting all week and walked around 8 miles a day. I did get to scout carrots for the first time. The grower actually grows his carrots for Campbell’s. I mostly spent the week scouting corn and soybeans for a few different growers. I did do a little bit of soil sampling and tissue sampling as well. I did get more comfortable identifying a few different weeds that I haven’t seen much of before. Overall there wasn’t much new stuff learned this week, but I did walk a lot and was very tired at the end of this week.

Week 4

It has been a slower week this past week. Everyone has been taking family vacations now that their kids are out of school. This past week I went though a lot of files and paper work with to establish an excel file work book to compile all the grant payments to help track and make things easier on our group. I found old files and tracked payment’s and closed out old grants that are not longer open. My computer skills with Microsoft have came in handy with helping create spreadsheets this past week. There are year worth of grant payments that I have been able to enter for a better and easier way to keep track for everyone. It has taken me days to enter all of the information into excel.