Reichard – Wilbur Ellis Week 10

My time here at Wilbur Ellis is coming to a close. Things are slowing down from the busy season. We are doing a lot of tissue sampling and monitoring a lot of a growers potato fields as harvest time is getting closer. Our new tower blender we are getting installed is coming along great and I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it is all done. I have met so many great people while working here, and cannot wait to put all of the things I have learned into action in my future career. This summer has literally flown by I cannot believe next week is already my last week. I am going to miss all of the customers I have grown to know so well over the summer and will have to come and visit often to keep up on what is going on.


Bonthuis Week 11

With all of my corn fields pollinating, week 11 was full of soybeans and alfalfa. We are continuing to find diseases in our soybean fields and as a result we have been spraying a lot of fungicides and insecticides. We still haven’t been finding aphids in our soybean fields, so we are all happy about that. A lot of my week was spent sweeping alfalfa fields for potato leafhoppers in order to make sure that the spray worked. Most of the fields that got sprayed were clean this week, others only had 1 or 2 per 100 sweeps.


Enterprise service quality index is the basis of our company. Without it, our company does not do business. Customer service is our way of life. Our sales numbers are actually affected in terms of rankings by our ESQI number. So customer service is that important if you did not know and that is what makes us number one.


Today I went to Page Toyota and picked up two customers. I sold them both coverage on their rentals. I have been doing better with my dealership sales by using the idea that their car will be in the shop only for a day. I convinced them to use our coverage and not filing a claim if something were to happen in our vehicle. Overall today was a pretty easy today and I learned alot about how to file accident reports.

Bonthuis Week 10

Week 10 was full of diseases for us in Caledonia. We have been finding a lot of rust and northern corn leaf blight in our corn fields. We have also had an outbreak of diseases in our soybean fields. We have been seeing some brown spot, sudden death syndrome, and phyllosticta leaf spot. We are continuing to sweep our alfalfa, and a lot of our fields are currently being sprayed because they were over threshold for potato leafhoppers. 

Schuette 7

This week I got the chance to go with one of Michigan Sugar’s Fieldmen. This day happened to be the day that they took samples of random fields in their area. They took all the beets from a ten foot section of a row of these field to be able to determine the status of the beets. They use this information to pick a day to open the factory and start the harvest campaign. They will repeat this task two more times every two weeks. At the fields we visited, the beets looked a bit small. I had a great time going around with him and finding out about what his job is about. He really cares about Michigan Sugar and the farmers he helps, it is nice to see how he loves his job.

Redmond-Monsanto Week 8

Monsanto has partnered up with ADM, The Howard D. Buffet Foundation, and Feeding America to create Invest An Acre. The Invest An Acre program gives farmers the opportunity to donate the revenue from their crops to a local food bank in their community. There are about 3 million households in rural communities that can’t afford … Continue reading

Kara Kyser MABA Blog 8

This week I have been playing catch up a bit from events a couple weeks ago.  I ordered packaging to send the rest of the green designation awards that members were not able to pick up.  I got them all addressed and ready, and I just need to put postage on them tomorrow, and get them all in the mail.  They are fairly large and delicate packages, so it took me quite awhile to get them ready.  I was also working on an Ag Club breakfast that takes place tomorrow morning in Zeeland, MI.  It is a West Michigan Ag Club, and we chose to have it at Zeeland Farm Services, Inc., so that we can also re-congratulate them for receiving the “2013 Outstanding Achievement Award”.  I am looking forward to this breakfast and touring the Zeeland Farm Services facility, which is close to Holland, Michigan.  I will also get to meet Congressman Bill Huizenga tomorrow morning, so that should be exciting.  I have been working with his staff to get congratulatory letters, and set up his arrival.  I also had to provide their office with the list of attendees for the breakfast event and the agenda for the morning.  I am really hoping that the event turns out great, and I think it should.  I will post a picture next week!

This upcoming week I am going to start heavily working on my projects for the annual MABA Outlook summer conference at Mackinaw Island, MI.  It takes place in September on the island.  I have a lot of work to get done for the “Leaders and Legends” presentation, because I am the only one working on this project.  The end of summer and fall events are creeping up on us fast this year it seems!  You can see information and pictures of the Outlook conference at this link:

JBS Week 8

This week there was not a lot of interesting happenings at JBS Carriers.  I continued to work on my various projects and I was able to make good progress on them.  One thing that I was able to do this week was volunteer at the Weld County Food Bank.  All of the interns volunteered doing various activities.  We started out by sorting various canned goods into boxes.  We then broke up into two teams where one team was putting one pound of oats into bags and the other team was putting together emergency food boxes for families that are in danger of going hungry.  This was a great experience to be able to give back and help the community.

Plowman/Kurtz Week 9

Last week was kind of slow week, not working as many hours as I have been. As the company restructures after the sale and finds things for me to do it has been kind of slow. I will be continuing to work for Circle K after my internship is officially over working at the Carson sow farm doing weekly reports and other paperwork for roughly 6-10 hours/week as well  as management reports at the main office taking up approximately 10 hours a week once school starts. It is nice to know I have done a good job for the company and they want to keep me there. I don’t have the worry of having to find another job once the internship is over.