Millennial buying behavior in grocery stores

Here is an article i found on Millennial’s and how they buy groceries. They do not rely on brand name and convenience  is the main thing. Also providing more options for less money, and being able to spend a small amount on groceries.


My First Week

Week 1 Report

May 8th– May 11th

Daily activities:

                Tuesday May 8th: Reported to Auburn Grain facility for introductory safety training.  Completed training on Hazardous material handling, Grain storage and handling practices, Emergency action plans and other basic safety needs.

                Wednesday May 9th: Reported to Frutchey Bean in Oakley.  Received overview of GPS mapping computer program from Dale.  Toured facility and observed rail car loading.  Remainder of the morning and all afternoon completed a total inventory of Sprays and fertilizers at the facility.

Thursday May 12th:  Reported to Frutchey Bean in Oakley.  Worked in the warehouse all day mainly helping with seed treatment and helping fill orders.

                Friday May 11th: Reported to Hemlock Elevator.  Small jobs in the morning included taking plot signs apart and inventory of corn plot seed.  Remainder of the day worked with Mark from Bayar chemicals. Received basic scouting training including; identifying pests, diseases and stages in the three main field crops.

Project update

                Slow progress so far, became more familiar with different products offered by Auburn bean and Grain through inventory.  Training on Friday helped to gain knowledge necessary to successfully scout crops and determine health of the crop.

Good, Difficult Different

                Good:  I enjoyed meeting all the people that work around at the three facilities I visited.  It was interesting to learn the different activities involved with grain marketing and Ag sales.

                Difficult:  My main difficulty was, not knowing what I am going to be doing from day to day.  Trying to find things to do has been difficult this last week.

                Different:  At my job at MSU we had a mandatory 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon.  When working here we don’t take those breaks and lunch is much more flexible.  I enjoy being able to work without interruption and to be able to complete the job at hand before breaking for lunch or for the day.


Summer Interns

These are photos of all the summer interns (in reverse order):

Photo 4: BreOnna (Development and Alumni Relations)

Photo 3: Me, Lauren (Marketing & Communications)

Photo 2: Desiree’ (Marketing & Communications)

Photo 1: Today Development and Communications partnered for a Going away party for the Assistant Director, Pamela Schoen. This was not necessarily apart of my internship but I wanted to incorporate some of the nicer things that they do by inviting the interns to partake in events such as this.

Trip to Indy

Hi All,

Last week, I got the opportunity to take another trip down to Indianapolis for some company training on our new Enlist Weed Control System, which I will be working very closely with this summer.  The training took place at Dow Agroscience’s Show Farm just North of headquarters in Labanon, IN (it is actually located right next door to a Remington Seeds facility).  Four different Districts within Dow flew or drove in for the training including the East Central District, Northeast District, and some Representatives from Wisconsin.  This marked my third trip down to Indy so far this summer and it was well worth it.  The Show Farm was in surprisingly good shape given the amount of rain that they have received in the last month (virtually nothing), and the show plots were set up very well.  They had demonstration plots clearly showing how effective our system was directly comparing it to competitor’s products…no comparison.  It was really interesting to see everything play out in a real-life scenario instead of simply seeing it in PowerPoint presentations or through a speaker.  In addition to getting some excellent training on the Enlist Weed Control System, it was also an awesome opportunity to network with some top-level employees of Dow Agrosciences and Mycogen Seeds.  In all, I feel much more equipped to go out and market this new product with confidence and also know a great number of people who are there for assistance should I need it.



Working in the Heat!!

This week we were quite busy out in the plots all around Michigan. We made a trip over to the Gibb plot in the thumb where the corn will eventually be infected with Gibberella to see which varieties if any have become resistant to the ear rot. We will infect the ear right before it starts to develop with a syringe. We also have been setting up the irrigation for the nursery. This is a long process as we use T-Tape in every other row. The nursey recieves irrigation because it is the most critical plot in breeding corn, it is where it all starts. We have also done a lot of work at the drought location. At this plot there is two places, one will be limited irrigated which means it will be watered up until pollination and then it will be put on drought stress through harvest, the other will be fully irrigated as we will be able to compare them to each other as they are really close to each other. I have learned a lot so far and have not get to pollination season yet. In the up coming weeks I am planning on riding along with product agronomist Tex Young.

GreenStone Internship Questions and Answers

What are your day-to-day responsibilities with GreenStone?

My day-to-day responsibilities here at GreenStone consist of collecting data from WEM, Loan Officers, and Credit Analysts that pertain to the three peer comparison’s that I am working on this summer. Currently I am working on the dairy peer comparison. I will start working on the pork and greenhouse peer comparison as soon as I finish up on the dairy. I also attend most of the conference calls in the CLU department.


What has been your most memorable moment during your internship, so far?

My most memorable moment during my internship so far was the Michigan Allied Poultry Industries (MAPI) Golf Outing that I participated in on 6/19/12. I golfed with Steve Kluemper, John Jones, and Julie Feuerstein.


What have you enjoyed most during your time at GreenStone?

During my time at GreenStone I have enjoyed the bi-weekly conference calls with the dairy team.  I enjoy learning more about the dairies in GreenStone’s portfolio and the activities that are going on in the dairy industry. 


What has surprised you most about your internship experience?

My biggest surprise about my internship experience has been the people here at GreenStone. I have been surprised by how helpful everyone has been in making sure that I understand the systems and the basic knowledge of the tasks that I have. Everyone has been very willing to answer all of my questions and always available if I need any assistance.

About GreenStone Farm Credit Services

GreenStone Farm Credit Services is based in East Lansing, Michigan and is one of America’s largest rural lenders. We are the sixth largest farm credit association in the country with $6 billion in assets, 22,000 members and 37 branches in Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. GreenStone Provides financial services to the agriculture industry including short to long term loans, leases, life and crop insurance, accounting, tax preparation, and appraisal services. GreenStone also specialzes in country home loans, lending products for purchase, improvement, construction or refinance of residences, financing future home sites, and land for recreational purposes.

Macy’s internship

One week into my internship with Macy’s and I was already put in charge of running an event called “Scan for a Grand”. In this event engaged couple can come register for their weeding and have a chance to win $100, $500, $1000! I am the only sales manager in charge of this event at my store and looking forward to whatever else Macy’s has planed for me.