While working at CFE, we have been using a new crop scouting app called Agrascout.  This app was made by a company called Neucadia which is an agri-tech company striving to make the lives of farmers easier.  Below I have inserted a link for you to check out their website and see more of what they are about and what they have to offer.


Test Plot Viewing

This week at CFE we have been going through our six corn test plots and noting how each different variety is stacking up against the others.  Each plot has between 11 and 20 different varieties in which we use some well known, heavily tested varieties, along side some of the new ones in order to see how they each compares at the end of the year.  We do check them throughout the year many times, but this week we have been testing them extra heavily due to the silks finally being exposed.  During testing, we look at plant height, what stage each plant is at, plant girth, how many tassels each plant has, any diseases, and any insects throughout the whole plot.  It is a meticulous process but knowing Pioneer uses the information we find each year to further develop their seeds makes it feel like we are actually making a difference. 

Somerset Inn – Birthdays

The people I work with are awesome. The job I do isn’t a really great job, but the people make it better. My birthday is on Saturday, August, 2nd. I will be 22 years old. I was sitting at my desk researching some articles for the internship paper that we have to complete by Friday night, and my co-workers surprised me by singing happy birthday today because not everyone was going to be in the office the whole week and they all wanted to be apart of it.

I am gluten-free, which means I can’t have cake. Because of this, one of my co-workers, Bill, made me peanut butter and M&M cookies that were gluten-free, and we all shared them. Also, they all pitched in to buy me two very nice ties. It was completely unnecessary and I didn’t ask any of them to do this, but they still did, which was really awesome. I love the people I work with.

Greenstone FCS

Last week i had the opportunity to help work the Greenstone Booth at AgExpo! 


photo 1As the summer intern, I was in charge of the games and give away prizes! We had trivia plinko which was a HUGE hit and many prizes to win! Spending part of the week at AgExpo was great because I had the opportunity to interact with other Greenstone employees and ask questions about what they did on an every day basis. Everyone i met was welcoming and had no problem asking any and all questions I came up with!

 photo 2 (1)


Signs Going Up Across the State

Throughout the past three weeks, as you are driving throughout the state you may have started to see many signs that look similar to this along the road sides.  Here at CFE we have been hard at work putting up nearly 100 signs across the area we service.  We use all Pioneer seed products so our signs look identical to the ones pictured above and can be found next to corn, soybean, and alfalfa fields.  It may sound like an easy task but there is more to it than one may think.  First there is the ordering of signs and figuring out what varieties need to be ordered and how many of each, as well as how many stakes and screws will be needed to accompany each sign.  Next, I had to meet with each farmer we work with in order to figure out what corn/soybean varieties he has planted in each of his fields and which fields are on heavily traveled roads in order to get the most visibility.  Finally comes the easy part, actually hanging the signs, and after three weeks of doing this we have finally finished up.  

Getting Out of the Office

During this past week I had the opportunity to get out of the office a couple different times. The first was going to CH Robinson’s global forwarding office/ warehouse for a tour to see what happens in a warehouse like that.
It was a cool experience to see what happens when trucks arrive, get unloaded and loaded. At this specific warehouse, there are TSA approved workers who are able to X-Ray all the air freight that comes through, allowing us to build “air pallets” so we can consolidate large amounts of freight that all needs to go to Europe, Asia, or different parts of the world.
If there are every issues with the freight, like things don’t appear right on the X-ray or test positive as a possible explosive (this can happen if there are any chemicals involved) precautions must be taken. These precautions include calling the FBI, the local fire department, and they have to come investigate with dogs to clear the area before work can continue.
It was very interesting to see all the work that goes into global forwarding but it was a cool experience to get away from my desk and see what else is happening in the CHR network.

This past week I also had the opportunity to tour the Chicago Central branch of CH Robinson. At the branch, is where the typical brokerage happens. I have worked in a CHR brokerage branch in a previous internship, but the Chicago Central branch is the largest in the CH Robinson network and runs slightly different than the one I worked in, in Grand Rapids.
I was able to sit with one of the interns there and she walked me through her daily responsibilities. Then the next day, that same intern came to TMC and shadowed me so we both had the opportunity to see how our work is different but still very connected.

I like how TMC gives us opportunities to learn beyond sitting at our desks. It gives us interns an idea of how there are so many facets to transportation and gives us a deeper knowledge of how interconnected each part is.

Japanese Beetle

One of the main pests I’ve been noticing in fields lately is the Japanese Beetle. They are a pest that is found in corn, soybeans, and dry beans. In corn, the beetle can clip the silks off the plant which prevents efficient pollination. In soybeans and dry beans they defoliate the leaves, which in severe cases, can lead to pollination problems especially during the flowering stages. The picture below is a screenshot of where the Japanese beetles have been reported among Harvey’s Agricultural Solutions customers in Michigan.  The yellow and pink areas indicate areas where the beetle has been recently spotted. The green areas indicate that it has been nearly a week since the beetle has been spotted. inneucadia103

Somerset Inn #7

Yesterday I had to unlock the door to a meeting room for a man and his colleague. They were there to check the room out and get a look at the setup of the room. The room was very long, and they had a projector at the front. I had to tell the men no to pretty much every one of their requests to widen the room and scrunch the tables closer together. I had to say no because of reason such as bookings for the space next to their rooms were already made and the fact that they were having dinner meant that waitresses needed space between the tables to move walk. They weren’t happy that they were being told no, but there was literally nothing that could be done. If they needed the space, they could have checked out the venue before booking it, and made sure they were happy with the layout of the room.

One of the men asked to speak to my manager. I told he could do that, but he will get an answer no different from the ones he was getting from me. He told said he still wanted to speak with him. I obliged and brought out the banquets manager, David. David listened to these gentlemen’s concerns and request and gave them the same answers as I did. I guess it’s just interesting how age can play a role in business. These gentlemen were unwilling to listen to me because I was just a kid. David, who was closer to their age gave the same answers I did and was taken seriously. Has this type of thing happened to anyone else?