Week 6 Johnson and Johnson

This was easily my best week here at the Johnson and Johnson consumer plant in Lititz, PA. I had a very productive week, and it flew by again. I can’t believe I have already been working here for a month and a half, it seems like just yesterday when I got here. I am finally starting to really like my job and I am surprised, I have never liked any of my office jobs before. I am in communication with so many people at the plant at once that I am staying busy for the entirety of my shift, and that is also something I’ve never really experienced. It really makes the day go by faster, and you have a lot more fun at work which is something I am beginning to realize I cannot afford to take advantage of. This week I made some serious strides with my process mapping and waste identification project. Before I could do that, I needed to be trained on SAP and that process took so long to get moving. I had to talk to like 15 people about it, and finally the one lady that is in charge of training on SAP was able to hook me up with the training modules on compliancewire, and I was able to complete the training to get me access. The training only consisted of telling me what SAP is and what it does, but it never actually showed me how to use it, so I am still very confused. Not many people at this plant have SAP access, and only one other person that I could find knew how to access the same Materials: prices and inventory folder that I needed to access, and he is another intern. He and his coworkers in mouthwash 2000 were able to give me a quick run down of the system, so now I am able to get by with minimal confusion and really move along on my project! Have a good weekend everybody!


Week 4 Frito-Lay

This week was very busy at Frito-Lay. Two executives traveled to Miichigan to have a tour of our zone. Naturally there was a lot of work to be done to prepare for the tour.  The tour included two of the stores that I had been working on so attached should be two before and after images. The first shows 2 for $1 chips which sell very well in urban areas and was take in a liquor store in Flint. The second set shows a bridge display which was build in a Meijer. The bridge holds $4.29 bags which sell better in the suburbs and rural areas. Most of my week revolved around preparation for the tour but Friday took an unexpected turn. One of the stores that one of our drivers was servicing was robbed at gun point! Luckily nobody was injured. I am glad Week 4 has come to an end.

Breakfast on the farm – Kozikowski

Well, our breakfast is set to go and ready to serve 1500 people tomorrow. I am so excited that we are hosting at the farm that I am interning at. We have planned for several months and it has finally all come together. Planning events can be hard and tiring but when the first plate of pancakes is served it will be so worth all the work that we have put in. Our weather forecast has been predicting for 105-degree weather and then some. so that will be pretty interesting to see how many people we will actually have attend. I will have an update with pictures next week. Hope everyone has a good week and Happy 4th of July.

Week 8 at Crop Production Services

This week was much like other weeks, I did a lot of field scouting on corn and soybeans. On Wednesday the other interns at my location and I went up to MSU for weed day. We got to see different treatments on the crops and what they did. I learned about a new weed this week which I hadn’t seen before (Common Mullein). I learned the name of the weed because I saw one of the weeds and took a picture of it, when i came back to the office I tried to use the internet to find it but was unable too. I got out or wood book and flipped through and then I finally found it. I like when I look up the weeds myself rather than asking my co-workers  because I remember it better. Next week I will be scouting more, I have already received a list from my boss. I will be scouting soybeans, corn, and wheat. I haven’t scouted wheat in awhile so it will be interesting to see what new things I will see and learn about.

Week 6

This week of my internship I only worked three days due to a few exams. However, the week started with a few full days of spraying in the orchards as we are getting very close to harvest. It consisted of running all over the farm to different blocks on different orchards, I sprayed some blocks full coverage while others were only half, staring from the inside. At one of our orchards there is an eagles nest, two eagles have lived there for the last five years. Even though I didn’t get to see the eagles in was still cool to see the nest. Then on Wednesday we prepared for U-picking season, by getting the building ready along with gathering all the supplies. Overall a laid-back week preparing for the upcoming harvest season. I’m still enjoying my internship and look forward to what next week will bring.

Week 6 Beuschel Fruit and Dairy

Today was a big day for this intern! As I have gained more experience and trust over time this summer, I was able to breed 8 cows on my own. In the dairy’s data program called PCDART, I have my own technician number so that we can track how many pregnancies I’ve created not just today, but per month and overall. I also get to pick the bulls at times too if the mating service hasn’t come out to mate the more recently fresh animals I am breeding. Today I picked a bull for one cow. I didn’t just grab a random one, I actually dug through the pedigrees and made sure that the bull I bred her too was the best choice for her out of all of the bull semen we have on inventory. We usually keep around 10 different bulls on inventory for the entire dairy. We record the cow, bull, and day bred in 3 different locations for accuracy.

Included is the breeding wheel we use to keep track of when cows and heifers are due to be bred or due to calve. The way it works is super easy. First, you have to spin the wheel to match today’s date. Then its organized so that when you add the sticker of a cow that’s bred, it immediately shows you her due date if she in fact conceives today. Looking at this from a bigger picture, it’s a really great visual that instantly lets us see how many animals are calving per month. If there’s a slug of animals coming in to freshen, the wheel is easy to see each day and allows us to plan accordingly. It’s always kept in the office so everyone can see it.

WinField United Week 6

This week at WinField United revolved mainly around my end of the year internship project and WinField United’s Answer Plot Day.  This week started with me mainly focusing on my internship project.  My internship project for the year is focusing on Kriss, a biostimulant for alfalfa.  The Kriss product was sprayed on one half of a field at Trierweiler Dairy Inc., as well as MaxIn Boron which is a boron product.  I took tissue samples of where the Kriss and Boron was sprayed and where the products weren’t sprayed.  The results came back and showed a higher boron content on the side that was sprayed which is positive for the trial.

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent time in Gagetown working at the Answer Plot.  The plot was in partnership with Cooperative Elevator Co. in the thumb.  The day involved four breakout sessions with farmers focusing on planting depth and planting conditions, weeds, sprayers, and fungicides.  My supervisor and I presented at the session on planting depth and planting conditions.  I specifically presented on plant health and tissue sampling throughout the growing season.

Overall, it was a great week with WinField United and I learned so much!Answer Plot-Gagetown

MAC Week 6

This week was another slow one.  I really haven’t gotten out of the office because I am the main scale operator until the company hires someone new. I don’t mind being inside and learning more about the scale and getting faster with fewer mistakes.  Aside from weighing trucks in and out all day, there was some excitement at the facility here yesterday for the annual pre-harvest Wheat meeting.  There were speakers from Legacy and DF Seeds, and a couple speakers from MSU. There was a great turnout and things ran smooth for me in the office. We couldn’t keep the pellet trucks away, so that kept me busy. I am getting more and more excited for wheat harvest and meeting more farmers.

MAC Week 6

This week I ran the scale again, took care of the mail, entered and filed contracts, and helped the accountant a little bit again. Wednesday I had to go up to MSU to take my last(!) macroeconomics exam so I wasn’t around the office.  It was pretty slow for the beginning of the week but Thursday morning I got to see the inside of the Brown City office which was cool.   I came back to Marlette so everyone could go to the wheat meeting, and it was just the accountant and I in the office.  I was by myself with the scales, but I had 13 trucks so it kept me busy, with no mistakes! Today I’ll be able to go check some of the test plots that we put in too.  Next week I will probably be doing the same thing again.



Week 8 at Co-Alliance

This week all Co-Alliance, all of our interns had a mandatory training day in Lafayette, Indiana. So On Tuesday about 50 of us met at Purdue University’s agronomy farm. It was cool to get to see another school’s agronomy farm and see some similarities and differences. We walked their test plots and had some classroom time where we refreshed our memories on reproductive stages in corn and soybeans, mid-season diseases and nutrient deficiencies, and how to do a yield check in corn. It was useful to brush up on some of these things for the rest of the upcoming summer plus it was nice to get a little break from work in the form of a paid day off. I had also already taken Thursday and Friday of this week off so it was a pretty easy week for me.