Somerset Inn Post #3

If anyone is looking for a job in the hospitality area, this is a link to an article that I found. These are the top 3 positions that hotels offer.

Some of the numbers may vary depending on where the hotel is located and what the hotel’s current reputation is, but the descriptions are pretty accurate.


Greenstone: Making Progress

This morning marks the first major milestone in my summer internship project! All summer long I am working on a project that helps our Financial Service Offices (FSO) with prospecting new clientele!

I am happy to report that the first region of counties is complete! Greenstone FCS has seven distinct regions and this summer I am responsible for researching four of them. I started with the largest region which consists of eight counties in Southwest Michigan.

To try and simply explain my project without confusing or boring you is quite difficult! I simply match farms and individuals who have received subsidies from the government to those with existing debt. I research what they do and gather information in order to determine if the farm or individual meets the criteria to work with Greenstone. It’s a long and sometimes daunting task but in the long run will greatly help the FSO and Greenstone in general. 

STANLEY Engineered Fastening Wins Quality of Excellence Award from GM

We have recently received the Quality of Excellence Award from GM.

Danbury, CT.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s Dodge brand Inserts is proud to have been honored by GM who has chosen a select group of their suppliers who have made noteworthy contributions to GM’s goal of providing the best overall customer experience in the automotive industry.

“Reaching our goal to be the world’s benchmark for quality won’t happen by chance, and suppliers play a vitally important role,” said Grace Lieblein, vice president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. “Each winning company has consistently exceeded our expectations by delivering high-quality products on time, which helps us create compelling value for our customers.”

To achieve this Award, Dodge had to meet GM’s stringent list of quality performance criteria and provide cross functional support to GM. Accepting this award was Robert Bingham, Quality Manager, who has worked hard to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.

“Dodge inserts are the most widely recognized and widely used in the industry. We feel we service our customers with the highest quality product and the most effective fastening solutions. And the engineering support we offer is world class”, says Dodge Product Manager, David Calkins.

Dodge threaded inserts are designed to provide the performance strength of molded-in inserts while retaining all of the advantages of insert installation after molding. GM has many applications utilizing Dodge product to preserve and maintain the integrity of their plastic molded components.



Training Day at Monsanto Research Farm- Mason,MI


I had the opportunity to visit the Monsanto Research Farm in Mason, Mi. This was my second time visiting the farm, and it is always a cool learning experience for me. This time I attended with a salesman from the Ann Arbor branch. At this training day, Dekalb and Asgro Regional Reps, as well as Monsanto Agronomists speak about the current, and newly rolled out varieties for the upcoming sales year. As you can kind of see in the picture, there are three stations set up, and we travel in groups to each, learning about the varieties. They talk about what they expect the varieties to do in the field, how they’ve done in testing, and how they have done in other states. This year, there was a booth on corn scouting and trouble shooting, Dekalb seed corn, and an Asgro/GMO booth. In the Corn scouting booth, they talked about how to find things like planting depth, and how to find potential mechanical problems after planting. I thought this was a pretty special experience because this was the first time that I have heard presenters talk to consultants on how to field GMO questions, and negative misinformation  going around . I thought this was important because although we may be learning some ways how to field questions while at MSU, it isn’t always the case for older employees already in the industry. They sell these products every single day, but haven’t really been taught how to try to reverse some of the negative adversity GMOs have been receiving. They Monsanto Agronomists talked about how they were going to have an entire GMO workshop at the upcoming training in August. This was also a neat experience because I was able to meet other interns and sales man from across the state, not only from CPS, but other input supply companies as well!


Michigan Ag Commodities (Middleton)

This week at MAC I was able to learn some new things that I never have done before. Monday I helped the plant guys clean out a couple more grain bins and was introduced to how the grain travels to the rail cars. Tuesday, I was back in the fertilizer shed mixing blend sheets and loading trucks because our main guy was at a safety meeting. Wednesday, I was also at the fertilizer shed helping Steven out and we received three cars that held potash in them. MAC also received 40 wheat cars that had to be loaded. I finished the day Wednesday checking the bottoms on all the rail cars we received to make sure they were all closed before we started loading them on Thursday. Thursday, Steven and I unloaded all the potash cars we received into the fertilizer shed and loaded some semis to be shipped elsewhere. On Friday John let me run the tower. Here I was able to learn exactly how the wheat gets from the bin to the car. I was pretty nervous when I was loading these cars because if I were to mess up it would be a major incident instead of a minor one. But all in all I had a lot of fun loading these cars and learning exactly how to control the wheat from A to B. Saturday, a few of us worked to get some more of the train loaded in order to beat the rain that is supposed to be here during the first part of this week. We only have nine more cars to be loaded by Wednesday, and I think we will be receiving some corn cars when the rail road picks up the wheat cars on Wednesday. Overall, I had a fun week at MAC especially when John showed me how to run the tower.

Kicks For A Cure

This past weekend I was able to participate in TMC’s charity event that pairs up with Greg Olsen; Kicks for a Cure. It’s a large kickball tournament where all the proceeds benefit cancer research. The entire company of TMC gets involved by volunteering, playing/creating teams, donating, and attending the event. TMC’s customers donate their products to help benefit the event like food, tables, etc.

I was able to play with interns from CH Robinson’s Chicago Central office. It was an awesome opportunity to meet other interns from throughout the CH Robinson family and get involved for a great cause. I’ve attached pictures from the event; including an aerial drone picture of just the tent from the event. Beyond the tent there were lots of kickball fields where the actual games were played in Grant Park in Chicago. Outside of playing kickball there was food, drinks, and games like corn hole and flip cup.

I was able to get to know a lot of coworkers in a more relaxed environment outside of the office and really have a great time! Winners from each bracket got to play Greg Olsen’s team which consisted of other NFL players that support the event.


These types of events are what really make me love working for TMC and CH Robinson, they go above and beyond to put on events that are helping others. Earlier this year, I attended the MJ Golf Event in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. This event was also sponsored by CH Robinson and benefited children’s cancer research. At this event I was able to mingle with directors and executives from CH Robinson as well as ride in Nascars. It was such a great experience and opportunity that also benefits others.


One thing participating in these 2 events taught is to really get involved where you can! I hadn’t met any of the members of my kickball team until the day of the event and ended up making some friends and having a really good time. Stepping out of your comfort zone and participating is such a great way to network as well as get more out of your company and your experience as an intern



New insurance policy offered by USDA 

New insurance policy offered by USDA

The vegetable and (especially) fruit industry is incredibly fragile and is at the mercy of Michigan’s weather. This new policy allows farmers to have a blanket insurance policy on all their crops since most fruit and vegetable growers have a very diverse operation. This will make sure that farmers have the same policy on everything. With the same policy covering everything, farmers will be covered if they suffer an unexpected crop loss that they would otherwise have had a smaller policy on. 


This seems to be a great development for vegetable and fruit farmers, but it will be interesting to see how the new program spreads. 

RS Hanline

This week was a little hectic! I spent my whole weekend doing many things like taking people to the a a clinic called Workable. This is a clinic where employees are taken if they get an injury during working hours. This week I took a guy who had a pretty nasty injury due to an accident that took place about a year ago. This guy’s hand got stuck in an onion machine where it chops the tails off onions. He said that he was trying to get some pieces of onions out of the machine because it was not letting the machine run well. However; I asked why he even thought about putting his hands into an operation machine. If I would of been I would of called the supervisor and told him the situation or, I could of just turned off the machine. I explained that if he had he would of prevented the injury and avoided all the trouble. He said that he was not thinking at the moment because he had done it so many times that he thought that couldn’t have possibly happened to him. Whatever the reason, we ended up agreeing that accidents to happen and that they can be avoided but, most of the time when you do try they happen anyways. I also, learned how the receiving department operates. This department has many responsibilities such as, inspecting the produce as the arrived at a dock. They also have to make sure that they have the right information to the pallets that are coming in like the PO numbers. This department also has to make sure that the order and and amount that arrive coincide. This is important because each department has to be aware of what produce came in so that they can run it whenever they are done with the prior batches. This is something that I learned when I first arrived to this company. Each department relies on each other and if one thing goes wrong everything or most of it will be wrong. This week I was also able to work on the overwrap line. This is where they run all the vegetables and fruits. 

Almost half way there!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the end of Week 5 of my internship. Almost halfway through!! It has been cloudy with an eerie fog here in Racine every single day, but on my way to work this morning, the sun started to come out! Tonight a group of interns are going to a Brewer’s game in Milwaukee which should be a good time, and the Summerfest, one of the world’s largest music festivals  is going on this weekend and next weekend. I am really looking forward to next week and going home on Thursday for the 4th.

This week started out a little shaky, I was really panicked because our NALT (North American Leadership Team) presentations are on July 21 or 22, and I felt like I didn’t have a good grasp of what exactly I needed to present to them (that seems to be the theme of my internship so far – uncertainty). I talked to some other people in my department under the same manager as me who used to be interns, and they recommended to start a presentation, whether it be a power point, poster, Prezi, etc., and show my manager once I am done, sometime next week, and he can tell me what he thinks. Then, we can go from there. So that’s what I’ve been doing! Just taking all the information I’ve gathered and putting it into a Prezi. I did, however, run into an obstacle.

I met with one of our VP’s last week because he used to work for the competitor I am researching, and he answered a ton of my questions, and when I set up a conference call to discuss my questions further, he never answered. There’s a time difference, but I made sure it corresponded. Oh, well. I was (and am) a little frustrated, because we even discussed it over email a few days before the call, but I’ll just have to keep trying other sources. Kind of slow this week, I’m hoping there’s more to do next week once I review my project for my manager.

Weekly challenge #2

For this weeks weekly challenge I had the pleasure of meeting the office manager Jeanne DeMann. She has been working for Green Valley Agricultural for eight years now and is responsible for invoices, state reports, and general paperwork. She explained to me that AgVance is a system Green Valley uses to create blends, delivery tickets, invoices and even mapping. My three transactions that I entered were an invoice, delivery ticket, and a blend. For a sales report I learned that they are used to track inventory, and revenue coming in. Customers can use the sales report for their taxes to claim their expenses. The report gives a total of how much each customer bought for each year. I reviewed the aging reports and looked though the customers that were past due. When customers are past due you pull up the account and identify the problem. You check to see if they have credit that wasn’t applied or they just haven’t paid. Depending on the situation you either fix their account of make them aware of the problem at hand.