Week 10 Coyote Logistics

This week at Coyote Logistics is my last week as an intern. This summer has been great being able to learn from my mentor as well as from some of the other employees. During my last week as an intern I actually had my best week selling loads. I have sold a record high 10 loads this week, which beat my previous record of seven. This was a great feeling because I ended up tying my record of books in one day, with 4 loads on Thursday. Being able to sell this amount of loads, makes me believe that I can compete with regular employees on a day to day basis. Also it shows that I have definitely improved from week 1 too week 10. Overall it has been a great experience, and I have a lot to be thankful for. Everyone at Coyote Logistics, has been able to help me, whether it was the first day when I didn’t know how to book a load to today not remembering how to do  accessorial fees. The feeling of what I have been able to accomplish at Coyote Logistics, has been great. When I started day one I did not know the first thing about logistics. Most of the interns in my class had no idea about logistics. Coyote has opened a whole new world of third party logistics that I had no idea about before. I now understand what third party logistics is all about and what a broker does on a daily basis. I was able to develop numerous skills. One being my sales techniques have got much better. I was able to develop relationships with carriers in order to continue to sell loads to them. I was also able to become more confident when cold calling on the phones. My internship at Coyote Logistics was awesome, and I hope to work at this company in the future.


Week 10: Kroger

This is my last week with Kroger, and it’s somewhat bittersweet. As stressful as it’s been at times, I’m going to miss the people I have met along the way. We have our big presentation Friday in front of the President and Vice Presidents of the division. If they like the ideas we present them, they will implement them in the stores. It’s a little crazy to think that 20 year-olds could potentially create a multi-million dollar idea for a multi-billion dollar company that they would use. The best part was definitely the field trips to the farms, but everyday something new was happening, never a dull moment in “Krogerland.” Overall, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and am going to miss the people who’ve helped me!

DTE Energy: Week 12

This week at DTE has been pretty busy. This week, I started my week by completing the call log for DTE Cares, and sent it out to CustomerLink. Later, that day completed the report for DTE Cares for Large Business Customers for the Director and General Manager of my department, Major Account Service. This week primary focus, as always, has been on completing contacts for my team. I was able to call on a few customers and retrieve some contact data. This week I also worked with my manager on a special project to lighten the load of customers from our team’s account manager. I also had the opportunity to meet with my manager for a one on one who encouraged me by assuring that I was doing quality work and she was very happy wth my work habbits.

Grainger Internship

This week was a some what mellow week however, I did keep busy trying to pilot my project into place.  I m not sure if it will completely be what I thought it might be and instead I may have to compromise with what the company wants.  They more want to move away from the idea I have so it’s taking a lot for us to pilot.  They may not use it when I am gone but, it’s really nice to know we looked into it and took it into consideration.  Most of the interns last day was today however, I still have another week left.  We had a fun boat cruise at Navy Pier last night and today was cost analysis stuff for my project.  All in all my internship is definitely winding down!

Week 10 at STA Group

My final week at STA Group was a little bittersweet. It is a good feeling being done with work and getting to have some free time with the rest of my summer. At the same time, I felt like I was just starting to get into some deeper content at work and really starting to grasp the “work life.”

I had a few assignments that I needed to finish by the end of the week. One being a big project that I did not think I was going to finish on time. Eventually towards the end of the week I finished it, and it was a very accomplished feeling. Finishing my last project (and potentially most important) was very satisfying. When I presented it to my mentor he was really impressed with what I had put together, which was a great way to finish off the internship.

The last thing I had to do before I left was give a presentation to the executives, as well as the majority of the employees I worked with this summer. I was pretty nervous the whole week for it because I wanted to be able to impress everyone. We had to present on our “Experience as an Intern” so the topic was not very difficult. I decided to pick out a few important projects that I worked on and I talked about each of them briefly. I also made a section detailing all the important skills that I gained through out the internship, which was really important for the executives to see. I did my presentation using Prezi, and I used my background as a road and each slide that came up went further and further down the road until it ended. That idea was a big hit with everyone. Once I was finished the presentation it was an extremely relieving feeling, getting to shake hands with everyone and hearing them tell me how much of a help I was this summer was really a great feeling. I’m extremely fortunate to have interned at STA this summer, it was a great experience.

Macy’s Blog 10

Now that my internship is done the biggest thing on my mind is an offer for full-time after senior year. After speaking to my College Relations Manager I know that by the end of August I will be finding out the decision about my offer. I believe Macy’s is a great company to work for after college and is a respectable company to work for. While working at Macy’s for 8 weeks I saw how much the executives care about their workers and how to be a great manager. It takes a lot to run a huge department store and every person working plays a huge role. From the cleaners to the VP Store Manager. I had the privilege to work with so many different roles and see how each of them play such a big key in the store running. Some of the positions come in at 5am and 7am just to get the store ready before customers walk in. And while to store is running the associates and managers are in making sure everything is going smoothly. Everyday when I was with my manager was such busy hectic day but I loved it because it made the day go by so much faster. We were always running around all around the mall. And since Lakeside Macy’s has two separate buildings it would be even crazier. My mentor/manager was such a great person to shadow. She really cared for her team and would make sure everything was running smoothly for them. She would even start ringing customers up if she saw they were swamped. I know some managers that just don’t care and would not put their associates first. She was able to juggle so much and a great problem solver. Watching her deal with customers was a great opportunity for me to learn how I should deal with customer issues. I was really lucky with the people I worked with this summer.

Macy’s Blog 9

My biggest take out of this entire internship was never underestimate yourself. I had to challenge myself everyday with things I never thought I could do and I grew so much. Before I even started this internship the challenge began. Macy’s was a company I knew I wanted to work for since high school. I always knew I wanted to go into fashion/retail but didn’t think it would be practical or realistic. I had gone to Macy’s every year since I was a freshman even though they were looking for juniors and seniors. I just wanted them to see how dedicated I was. And it eventually worked out. The man at the career fair remembered me and told me to come to a meeting. When I went he remembered my name and I was the only one there that knew an answer to their intro question. After receiving the offer and starting the internship I realized how hard retail was. It isn’t rocket science but it’s all about juggling and being able to problem solve and think quick on your feet. I had to be able to deal with customer problems which is something I don’t like to do but I knew it was part of the job. When I was younger I was always shy and reserved but being in business I need to be able to talk to everyone and I did just that at work. I met so many people and executives. I became more extraverted professionally and I see myself growing in each internship. I grew very close to my executive team just within the first week. I know that these people by my side are a great network to have when I get into the real world. But overall, if anyone asked me a few years ago if I saw myself where I am today I would never even dream it.

Week Ten: Target

Today was the last day of my internship. Ten weeks went by incredibly fast. This week I trained the entire cashier team on how to use Targets chip and pin technology that will be rolling on all new Target Red credit and debit cards. The new chip technology allows for a more secure transaction between the card reader and the credit card. It just about eliminates credit card theft and recently Target has been rated as the most secure organization within the industry. That is a long way from the problems they were having a few years ago. I trained all of the cashiers on the changes that the red cad would bring. I also prepared them for certain guest problems that will likely occur, as well as situation and results to keep an angry guest happy. I gave them potential responses, as well as actions to provide an angry guest with great service as we change over to the new system.

This week I also set two isles of clearance. One was diaper and the other was infant soft lines. I had to set the clearance with no planogram, and had to decide how to place all of the different items within the two categories. It took me a few hours, but I set two great looking isles. By the next day, both had almost cleared out all of their clearance. At only 15% off my two walls cleared out within a day.

8/3-8/7 at Meritor

After last weeks craziness, this week has calmed down a lot and has went back to normal. This week I was in charge of sending out a ton of quotes to suppliers as well as saying my last goodbyes to some suppliers. My last day at Meritor is going to be August 21st so some of the suppliers that were in town this week took me out to lunch so I could thank them for helping me during this Co-op as well as them thanking me. Today I had a supplier lunch with Cullen at General Fasteners and we discusses a little about work and then when I will be leaving and who my replacement will be. Cullen will be missed because he was a great supplier to Meritor and helped me out a lot by giving me constant updates on my RFQs without me even asking for one. He helped me out a lot on my new suspension project in getting all of the fasteners quoted out to his teams in Canada and Taiwan. I have been working with engineering a lot this week as well trying to get my quick washer savings resource done, I received the quote from the supplier about 2 months ago but haven’t been able to see any savings because of engineering focusing all there time on the bigger end of the year projects. Like I said my last day will be the 21st of August so I am just trying to get all of my projects together and then teach our other co-op on our my team what to do and where I’m at with what project. The new co-op taking my place is starting on the 17th so I will be working with him to try and show him the ropes and prepare him the same way I was prepared for this internship.

Coyote Logistics Week 9

During week 9 of my internship we had a guest speaker from the Denver office come and talk to all of the interns. The guest speaker was Dave Herbert. He is the Director of Carrier Sales and Operations. Dave is one of the original eight from Coyote Logistics, when it was founded in 2006. It was very interesting to hear his perspective on how they used to have to track loads with no computer. They would use pieces of paper, and thumb tacks to track the progress of the load. They would have a big stack of files with all the carriers to call on unlike today, where we can just look up one on the computer. This process seemed like it would be very hard and time consuming. I’m very thankful that we get to use computers today. Some knowledge Dave gave was very helpful. He said that you get 100% of what you put into Coyote out of it. That means the harder you work the more you will get out of the company. He also said Coyote is a great place to work if you want to move all around the country. Dave has lived in 6 cities, since working at Coyote and he has loved every second of working at Coyote.

During my second to last week of my internship at Coyote Logistics, I have actually been doing very well. I have booked 6 loads this week, and three with the same carrier which means the carrier is now tagged in my name. This is very rewarding because after many cold calls, I have finally developed a carrier that I can only book with specifically. This has shown the effort and time I have put in to working at Coyote Logistics, and it is very fulfilling to see my hard work paying off.  Hopefully I can continue to develop more carriers as my time as an intern at Coyote Logistics comes to an end.