Departing Diversey

As I finished week 10, my last week with Diversey, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Even though my project wasn’t ideal, I made some really great friends and learned a lot about myself and what I’m looking for in an employer, which I think is really valuable. Leaving Sturtevant was not easy; it had become part of my routine! I miss seeing the friendly faces of other interns and coworkers at Sealed Air, and I really hope I see some of them again.

Our Diversey Derby was a huge success! We put on the derby as a sports-themed silent auction and cookout to raise money for the Racine County Food Bank, and after everything was said and done, we had made $5,500! We all worked so hard over the summer to get donations and reach out to others in the community, and it feels really good that our effort paid off.

Overall, I had a great summer experience with Diversey/Sealed Air, and I am so glad I decided to accept the internship with them. The skills I learned and the memories I made will last me the rest of my life. Thank you for everything Diversey!


Finishing Up: A thank you to Meelunie



photo 3.

With the internship class coming to a close, my internship will not be over for another two weeks. In that time, I am sure I will continue to learn and grow with Meelunie. Since I started this summer, everyday on the job has been an exciting one. I have been constantly learning throughout the past 3 months and the people that I get to work with are second to none. For the most part, the atmosphere is very light-hearted and calm which makes work easy. I truly owe a huge thank you to Deric, Jeff and Casper because without them I would not have had the amazing experience I did this summer. This has been my first internship and I wish I would have done more because if they were anything like this internship, I feel like I missed out on a lot of learning. I just hope that I was able to do justice to the role as Meelunie’s first Intern. If they offered me a job, I would take it in a heartbeat. I am going to miss it when it’s over.

Meelunie 8: Kind Words

As I was leaving the office on Wednesday, I got to talking with Nick about my time spent at Meelunie this summer. We talked about the changes that the office was going through as well as how my performance has been. Nick went on to say that he truly thinks that I am a diligent worker who does not need supervision to see a project through. He also stated that I have really proven myself at Meelunie and all I could say was thank you. It meant a lot to me to hear that come out of his mouth. To know that my work is being noticed and taken seriously tells me that I am doing the job I set out to do. With everyone at Meelunie being so helpful, I can’t help but want to work hard for them to prove that they made the right choice in selecting me the internship

Meelunie 7: A New Task

This week at Meelunie, I met with the General Manager, Casper. He asked me if I was comfortable handling a new task, to which I replied “of course.” Over the next two weeks at Meelunie, I will be looking into our new system for entering cost models to generate contracts and finding errors in the system where calculations don’t add up as well as new ways of improving the system. Renee, Casper and myself had a video conference call on Wednesday the 6th of August with the Amsterdam office to discuss potential problems with the system. I will be reporting my findings with B.V. next Wednesday as well as the following Wednesday after that. I am happy with this new project because I know it will be of great benefit to the company.

Meelunie 6: Making Things Easier

To make things easier on the logistics as well as the commercial team at Meelunie, I decided to make a spreadsheet of all the current warehouses that we use including their address as well as their port and region that they are located in. I figured I could go even further and develop a contact list for each warehouse which includes people of contact like the warehouse managers or CSRs as well as phone numbers and email addresses for those people of contact. I finally finished it this week and mailed it out to everyone so they can have easy access to it. The contact sheet we had before this newly generated one I made was outdated and half of the warehouses on it weren’t even ones we currently use anymore. Also, if people wanted to find contact info, they had to go into our Microsoft dynamics system and dig around for it which is time consuming. Another issue I found when constructing the contact list is that the Microsoft dynamics contact list that we had was outdated as well so I had to talk with Debbie, who is in charge of getting material shipped and into our warehouses, in order to find out who was still around to contact at each warehouse. It was a time consuming process on my end, but hopefully it will save everyone time in the future.

Filling Crop Dusting Planes

Yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to do some follow up on what I started with making maps and scouting fields for the airplanes. I was able to take a poly tank down to the two planes that were spraying for Crop Production Services Ann Arbor, Saline, Blissfield, and Moreinci. The two planes were spraying over 3,000 acres, in ONE DAY. It was a very cool experience getting to see these planes up close and personal. I pumped fungicide, pesticide, and foliar feeding. I was told that these planes use burn one gallon of A1 fuel in only 3 minutes. One gallon of this fuels is over $5 a gallon. seeing how the planes fly acrobatically between barns and telephone wires was amazing, all while flying 30 feet over the corn. This by far has been one of the coolest experiences of my internship!


Meelunie 5: Bring it On!

The week after my presentation, Molly, who is a Trader that works out of the office, had a baby. So she was put on maternity leave which meant her accounts needed to be taken care of. Rachel, our commercial assistant, ended up becoming in charge of a large number of accounts transferred over from Molly. With all that Rachel does, she has been under a lot of stress, so I have been doing basically all of the sales and purchase contracts, as well as samples on top of looking into new leads for both our Codrico products and industrial leads. It has kept me busy and I am glad I can lighten the load on Rachel. I worry though that when I leave, the work load that will be put back on Rachel might be too much. There has been talk of me working at Meelunie part time over the coming semester and even the possibility of them offering me a job, but nothing has been written down or proposed formally so I am not going to get my hopes up just yet.

Meelunie 4: The Big Presentation

On the 25th of July, I gave my presentation on the Industrial Applications for starches and polyols to the commercial team at Meelunie. After weeks and weeks of doing numbing reading through article after article and discovering as much as I could about the various industrial applications as well as the market share of those products I was finally able to show something for it. The goal was to give some insight on new, existing and emerging markets that Meelunie could get involved in. The presentation was much more casual than any other presentation I had ever given before. I was having computer issues right before I gave my presentation, so I almost had to do my presentation without my power-point that I had spent hours on making, but somehow things started working just in time, which was nice because I like using visual aids to help convey my ideas. After the presentation was over, the eight of us sat in the conference room and discussed the the possibilities of growing into new markets and where we should focus. Nick, Deric, Casper as well as the rest of the team complimented me on a job well done as the meeting dispersed. I was just happy that I was able to contribute something back to the place that had given me a chance in the first place. What really made the project enjoyable though was the freedom to make the presentation how I wanted. There was no form or template I had to follow, which was scary at first, but I came to really take advantage of that and I feel that I came out with a strong presentation.

Melunie 3: A Meeting with SKip

After the gang got back from IFT, Deric and Nick (Trader’s) took me out to get lunch with one of their old co-workers that used to work at Meelunie. We ended up going to Vincetta Garage which was where we met up with Harlan, a.k.a. Skip. He worked at Meelunie until last year, but he was a great guy to meet. He was able to give me some encouragement and spoke highly of his time at Meelunie which made me feel good to be working there. I’ve kept in touch with him and plan on keeping him as a contact. My network continues to grow.

Meelunie 2

My time at Meelunie America, Inc. has really been flying by. Several weeks ago, the Commercial Team at Meelunie went down to New Orleans for the IFT Expo which stands for The Institute of Food Technologists. There, the Trader’s from Meelunie America as well as a few from Amsterdam met with and talked to current and potential clients about our new line of Codrico products which is a line of functional flours and pulses. While they were out, I was the only one on the commercial side still there at the office, so I had to hold down the fort for a week until they got back. I was busy creating contracts, cost models and even got into a little quality while they were out.