Frito-Lay Week 10

I’m in shock to think that my ten weeks as a Frito-Lay Future Sales Intern have already been completed. As the cliche saying goes, “Time flys when you’re having fun”! This past week was especially fun.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Frito-Lay sent me to Dallas, Texas, to present the final results of my internship project.  I am glad to be done presenting, but the trips was an incredible experience. I had the chance to network with the Director of the Mid-America Region through in the most unexpected way, a game of cornhole. I even had a moment to speak with Vivek Sankaran, the president and chief operating officer (COO) of Frito-Lay North America.

Today, co-workers threw me a going away lunch and even bought a cake for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and experience. The North Michigan Zone staff is exceptional and I will miss working with them. I am hoping to receive an offer in the next week or two. I would love to continue as a full-time employee with Frito-Lay!




FMC Week 11

Finishing up my last week of the internship and it has been a very eventful couple of days. We put on a plot showcase at the MSU Plant Pathology farm on Wednesday the 8th. The showcase turned out to be a big success and we had a lot of people turn out for it. Its sad to see this internship come to an end but it has been an privilege being able to work with this company for the summer and I am exited to see what the future has in store for me.

Week 10 CPS

This week at CPS I have been working on a project that I started at the beginning of the summer.  My project was about putting fertilizer on wheat during the application of head scab fungicide.  I will be presenting this tomorrow and am excited to share my results.  I have also been attending meetings for upcoming seed.  I have also been continuing to scout fields.  I personally have been scouting dry bean fields for mold and bugs.  If there are bugs they need to be sprayed to get them out where mold spray is put in prior to the disease being present.  I am looking for they key factors; susceptible host, right conditions, and presence.

Week 9 Frito-Lay

Week 9 was the best week yet. On Tuesday all of the interns traveled to Detroit for some group development. We completed some team building exercises then all took a personality test. I really enjoyed the test, afterward, there was a discussion about where we ranked and the strengths and opportunities for our ranking. I found this discussion to be very beneficial.

After the development seminar, everyone traveled to the Tigers game! We were given field passes and got a chance to observe batting practice. Four Tiger’s employees talked to us about their jobs and how internships helped them land their role. They told us about a position that works between Frito-Lay and the different sports organization. I expressed my interest in the position to the human resource manager that accompanied us.  I hope that in a few years I may be given the chance to work in that role. Everyone met for a quick dinner then claimed our seats. The game was close but Tigers won 2-1! After the game was over we returned to the hotel.

The next morning we had a short meeting where we discussed the logistics of our final week and trip to Dallas. After concluding the meeting I returned to my distribution center and returned to my project.

Week 10 Star of the West

This week was very slow at Star of the West. I mostly cleaned up around the yard and helped the guys with whatever they were working on in the yard. I did get to go and sign some fields and a couple test plots which wasn’t the worst and a better way to pass the time. This next week will be my last at Star of the West and I hope to learn more every day about the business, and hopefully the commodities end of the business.

Week 10 ADM

This was another great week for me working for ADM. My second to last week as intern with the company was filled with many more learning experiences. My manager has taken a great deal of his time this summer to teach me the ins and outs of the industry, which I am very grateful for. Since I am so close to the end, I got the chance to ride along with Dan some more and visit growers and walk fields instead of going out alone. The many hours spent in a truck with him gave me the chance to ask questions and observe in the conversations we have with various farmers. Between his 30 years in the business and countless years of experience between the growers, I have picked up more information in a three month span than I though was possible! Making a generous wage is a great perk of the internship, but it’s the knowledge I have gained that will prove to be the most valuable thing I take home with me in a week. Dan has mentioned how he would like me to return to the company after I graduate next spring, which would be a great opportunity for me. Until offers are out on the table I can’t say what I will do yet, but either way I am grateful for the experience I have gained working for ADM this summer.

Week 10-MORRIS

Another busy week here at the MSU dairy.

This week is our biggest calving week throughout the year. We had 17 calves due on August 2nd alone just to give you an idea. I worked a total of 53 hours this week.

Few new things I learned this week:

I learned how to properly inject lidocaine, feel for the horn, circle burn horn bud with a butane dehorner, chip the horn bud off, administrate Malexacan (pain medication) down a calve’s throat with ball gun, and post-op procedures.  This is really cool because not only to I save the farm money by being able to dehorn myself so we don’t have to pay for the vet to come out. But, I can also put this new certification on my resume when applying to future jobs.

I learned how to schedule employees for the fall semester. I personally had to text every person that works on the farm this summer and during spring semester, asking for their preferred fall schedule. On top of this overwhelming headache, I also had to take into account what job their were qualified for and MSU administrative rules.

I was also put to the task of being in charge of cow rotation (moves). There was so much information to take into account, days carried calf, age, research, and so much more according to her lactation cycle. So not only did I have to remember all the short codes that our dairy-comp system provides, I had to also know what they stood for and how to find them. Otherwise I would have to look up each cow individually, and with almost 600 cows that would take a long couple of hours.

I am really nervous to give my presentation on August 14th at the farm. Our manager now decided that we will have to do them in front of student employees, full-time staff, and a few industry guests.

SpartanNash Week 10

This was my final week at SpartanNash and I can’t believe that the internship has already come to an end. I am very pleased with how the internship ended up and I can honestly say that I learned more than I ever thought I would. This week was a very important week because I had to give several different final presentations about the work that I did this summer. The first presentation was about all of the projects that I worked on this summer and it was presented to the executive team. The second presentation that I have was about all the supply chain projects that I worked on this summer and I presented that to the two supply chain vice presidents. And the third presentation that I gave was also to the supply chain vice presidents. This presentation covered the distribution network overview that I worked on over the course of the summer and the vice presidents were very happy with the progress that I made on the project.

Thursday, I got the opportunity to attend the SpartanNash food show. It was awesome to see many of our vendors and customers working together. I found it very interesting to see all of the deals that were being made between the stores and the vendors. SpartanNash made a lot of money from the show and I heard that it was a great success.

Finally, I want to thank SpartanNash for this great opportunity this summer. I learned more than I ever thought I would and I gained skills that will translate into my career after college. I had a great experience this summer and I would recommend this internship to other students who are looking for real experiences to help build a foundation for a career in the food industry.

Week 10 Meelunie – Raisa Lenau

The end is almost near! I only have three weeks left and I am very excited to be getting near the end. I am not excited to go back to school but I only have a year left so I want to hurry up and get it over with. The end of this internship is getting to be very stressful because I feel like there is a lot of pressure on the end result of this project and it is just becoming so overwhelming and I am not managing the stress well. I think it is a normal amount of stress, well my boss says that anyways, but sometimes it does not feel like it. I just want to be able to give them all the information they were hoping for and for it not to be sloppy. I also feel like I have more anxiety in general about the project because I would possibly like to work there after I graduate. I think it has been difficult making sure I am going in the right direction when the office is so busy and everyone is in and out all the time. This weekend we are putting the desks together and then going out afterwards and I think it will be a really great moment for our office to bond especially cause there are so many new people. I wish the internship was longer because I do not want to leave, because I really enjoy working with the people who are there. This last week was especially great because we had a few people visiting from the Dutch office and it was just a great time to get to know other people in the company and hear their work experience and their take on things. I will be very sad to leave in three weeks.

Week 10 Wilbur-Ellis

This week I went and scouted potatoes in Kalkaska. This was quite a learning curve for me because I am so used to corn and soybeans, but it was awesome to see how other specialty crops are grown. I also worked more on my internship project this week and made significant progress. I will use the data I gathered to help aid my research paper. Lastly, I finished the week scouting corn and soybeans. I even was able to see a corn field that was completely shredded from armyworm. You could hear them eating in the field and it was the weirdest sound ever. Overall, this week was fun and I learned a lot about a few crops that I was unfamiliar with.