Sam’s Club Week 10

This was my final meaningful week at Sam’s Club in South Lansing. I say meaningful because for the past 2 months, my intern team and I have been working on our projects, and today those came to a close. We went out on top, as a team and the feeling was extremely rewarding. We had to compete against other intern groups all accross the country with our final project, and finally present our research to the VP’s of Sam’s Club. In the end, my group from Market 45 won the entire thing. It was extremely rewarding to have our hard work pay off.

I felt extremely proud to represent the people from my Market because I have met a lot of them and each person I met along the way helped us to get to where we are now. I’ve built individual connections with so many of these people, and it will be hard not to see their smiling faces every morning.

My teammates became my family for the summer. After spending a week with them in Traverse City, which was easily the best week of my summer, I knew that we had something special and the rest of the Market, along with Sam’s Club VP’s sensed it as well. We all helped teach each other something, whether it was directly or indirectly, we all fed off of one another and learned to work as a team. This was extremely valuable to me throughout my experience, and winning this final competition has just been the icing on the cake for a great summer.


TMC week 10

This week we had our exit interviews and other kinds of end of summer wrap ups.  It has been a great summer here at TMC and I hope to keep in touch with the other interns.  I have gained so much industry knowledge and experience and I know it will prove valuable to me in the future.  I am happy that I have built up my resume, made connections, and formed friendships that I would have otherwise not had the chance to.  Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and would love the chance to work here in the future.



Kroger – Week 9

This week has been very busy. A lot of the work has been designated to working on my groups final powerpoint presentation. We have been collecting a lot of data and receiving helpful feedback from customers that will be very beneficial for when we present.

Our volunteer project is on Sunday and I am very excited for it. I am proud to be a part of such a good cause and helping out children with cancer. We have surpassed our goal of $2,500 as we now have $2,850. Kroger has agreed to match the money so come up with, so whatever our final number is it’ll be doubled. I am so excited for the fun run to happen.

Next week will be very stressful because we will be preparing and practicing our presentation in front of all the executives, but I’m confident my group will perform well.

Neogen Week 10

This week I was tasked with researching a few dairy companies. My boss was to accompany one of the dairy salesman on a few visits to check on some leads, and wanted background on the companies and the facilities that they owned. I also researched many key people in the shellfish industry as well as the organizations that they are associated with and the companies that they work for. The most exciting part of my week was getting to go out on the road with one of the beverage territory managers to the Grand Rapids area. We visited five different beverage manufacturers to look at their quality labs and check to see if they needed anything new with the products we offer or if they had any problems. All of the calls went well and were successful check ins.

Sam’s Club Week 10

This week is my last week interning at Sam’s Club. My journey has been wonderful. I met some many people such as associates, team leaders, managers, and members. I’ve gained so many skills such as my confidence, phone etiquette, leadership, and speaking skills. When I first started interning at Sam’s Club, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. 10 weeks later, I’m not afraid of any challenges that are ahead with me. I worked with so many departments such as marketing, fresh, hard lines, and membership. I learned beyond the basics of how to run a store. This week, the store gave me a cake for all of my hard work and dedication towards our club. I receive a lot of respect from my coworkers due to me making the best decisions and having a positive attitude. This week is the most important week since my team and I have to present our final project to Sam’s Club corporate. My team is competing with another team for first place for our project. My team and the other team are the top 2 intern teams in the country.  I have confidence that my team and I will win first place. I’m grateful and thankful that I had the opportunity of interning at Sam’s Club.

Kroger Week 9

This week with Kroger we are getting ready for our final presentations for next week. This means sampling at the end of the week and then putting all of our data into a PowerPoint. We had to also finish our competition checks this week, about me profiles, and our  favorite moment papers for our books we have to make to give to our executives to show what we have done throughout our 10 weeks here with Kroger. On top of that our volunteer project is on Sunday and we are preparing for that by getting lightning, food, drinks, raffle items, and more runners to reach raise even more money. These next two weeks are going to be brutal and stressful!!!

Ball Horticultural – Week 9

Ball Customer Day was astounding. All summer, the garden crew and two interns (known as Intern 1 and Intern A) prepared the Gardens at Ball for this event. Thousands of plants and 1,871 containers (as counted by Intern A), filled the gardens ready to great the 1,100 visitors from all over the world. Boy did they deliver! IMG_0695

Since one of Ball’s primary positions in the horticulture supply chain is that of a seed wholesaler and supplier, they open the gardens once a year for all of their customers that produce greenhouse plants. This gives their customers the chance to come to the gardens and see new 2018 varieties, speak to Ball Seed reps, tour the seed labs, and learn new market trends. Sometimes, if they move quickly enough, they may even get the chance to say a quick “hello” to Anna Ball herself–current president and CEO of the company.

As an intern, my task was to basically walk through the gardens and help out as needed with any questions. The weather was gorgeous, and I loved being outside of the office for the day. The sense of joy and excitement of the visitors was infectious as they exclaimed over plants I had seen multiple times this summer. It brought me back to exactly why I’m in this industry: the sense of joy and happiness that colorful plants can bring to the world, one seed at a time.


Kroger-Week 9

This was our second week in the internship, and our last week implementing the project in the stores. The majority of this week was spent working out our final project. We want to finish the project so the last week we are able to practice in front of other interns. We hope that they will provide us with good feedback before we go in front of executives. While in the store this week with the project, we were having a hard time getting customers to interact with the booklet. Most of the people seem like they do not want to be bother while grocery shopping. As understanding as it is, it will hurt our project. The way we were looking at our results were by customers interaction with the booklet. We explained in our project why we feel the customers were not interacting like they should have been, and touched on how we could improve. Over all I feel like we have a good final project.

This upcoming weekend is our volunteer event. We were nervous at first that we would not raise enough money, however now we are worried that we will not have enough participants. The Kroger Company told us interns that they will match however much money we do raise. This was very exciting news for us as now we will double what we already have and be able to give the children in the hospital even more. We were also able to contact Mojo in The Moring to give an announcement about the event. Although we are not sure how many people are coming, we hope this will draw in more individuals. It is going for a great cause and I am so happy to be a part of it.

It is hard to believe that this is already the second to last week of the internship. The ten weeks with Kroger flew by. We have all come so far since week one and have become a family. This was my first internship and it is one I will never forget. I hope in the future to be able to work for Kroger. The beliefs of the company and what the company stands for is something I am look for in a career. I am sad this experience is almost over, however I am happy I was a part of it.IMG_1877

Kroger Intern-Week 9

Throughout the past couple days, us interns were faced with raising a large sum of money to go towards our volunteer event as we did not get that great of a start. However, once we got down to it and spread the word we were able to reach our goal of $2,500 which is incredible for only having three weeks to do so. This was a great learning experience for me because I was able to learn how marketing the event properly can produce results such as these. Since the volunteer event goal has been successful completed, the group project my team and I have been working hard at has been going accordingly. We have been working hard with the associate at the store of our choosing in hopes of improving the amount of product on the shelves. As typically there are a few holes on the shelves, with our project initiated we are all hoping that the number of holes’ decreases making more product available for customers. With less holes being on the shelves, the overall satisfaction of customers that shop at this Kroger location will be a lot higher making them more likely to return. (The picture below is the shelf currently being restocked thus filling the holes.)Shelf Pic


My second to last week I had to make a presentation to all of the District Managers and the Regional Manager. The project was a collaboration with me and the other interns at the corporate offices. The objective was to make video demonstrating the importance of on-boarding and how to make the new hire accepted at Speedway. Our presentation went very well and the managers all enjoyed watching us on the big screen. We had some laughable moments but also informational points.

For the last day in the week I was able to shadow Human Resources. I didn’t get to see much or learn a lot, but for the day I witnessed follow ups on employees Family Medical Leave (FML). Not much for this week since it was all about working on the project and presenting. But my last week will be filled with fun. I am supposed to travel to Royal Oak and Farmington Hills to conduct wage surveys. These consist of traveling to our competitors stores near a Speedway store and find out their starting wage, their benefits, and time to promotion. I will basically be doing some espionage for the company but more importantly help with setting up a competitive edge on our competitors.