IBM Internship -5

Last time I forgot to introduce, I work for the IBM Global Business Service Marketing sector in Beijing China.

In case someone do not know, IBM is International Business Machine, which I found the name really funny because it does not end with a Company. Anyways, it was ranked 19 in 2011 by Fortune global 500. It was really an honor to work for such a company.

What I do in the internship program is that I am going to write a book, or a brochure I should say. The kind of brochure IBM sales people or anyone in the company go out to their clients and show them what kind of solutions they have ready to service. I have to know in detail what they do inside IBM and out. I need to understand all the working details they do in IBM.

I have learned a lot about the Global Business Service in IBM, and I am still in contact with others in IBM. I am proud I have been working with the smart ones for a short month.


IBM Internship-4

Because I changed my internship to IBM after being in the Asian Studies Center, there are something really interesting I would like to share with everyone.

During the orientation, the first line manager told me that the purpose of the internship is to make something big. And we did. The most important thing is to see from my eye, it is me want to finish the work not anyone else. I can look back and say that the time and effort was worth it.

Do not present the problem to your boss, present the problem in your solution. The boss can not help you with the problem at all, and he can not think for you about how to solve the problem. I should find the place where I stuck with, either lack of communication, lack of help, lack of anything the boss can help me with.

It has been really interesting experience with IBM and it was part of my busiest times in life.

Week 3 Asian Studies Center participated in MJQB

MJQB is short for Michigan-Japan Quiz Bowl.

Michigan Japan Quiz Bowl is for all the Michigan Japanese learning k-12 students come together to have some fun and compete with each other.

Asian Studies Center as part of the support help Japan Center for Michigan Universities set up the Michigan-Japan Quiz Bowl. We have about 15 different activities set up around the first floor in Wells hall. Which includes button-making, Manga exchange, magnet and tiles making, origami, kanji writing, and more.

Because I can speak some Japanese too, I enjoy myself so much in that event as well as learnt a lot. The following picture is a booth I decorated with Asian Studies Center’s artifacts and brochures.

It was really a successful event.


Asian Studies Center Magazine First two issues

Asian Studies Center Magazine First two issues

It has been pretty quiet in the center when all the students are home for the summer.

We finally generated two magazines for our center and ready to lunch a new one when school start and our anniversary come. Following are two issues of Asian Studies Center’s magazine. I have learned a lot during the process. This can not be called newsletter because the format and articles in it. The design, the articles, the format, it took a long time before we can send them out.

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Asian Studies Center Internship

My main task at Asian Studies Center for the summer is to introduce more students and faculty to our DVD collection and support any upcoming event needed.

I have accomplished more than 200 VHS to DVD transformation so far. With more than ten students, dozen faculty rent out DVDs, couple elementary programs showing culture related DVDs, it is definitely breaking records.

Most college students are gone for the summer so it has been quite in the office. Only a few teachers’ workshop happening  from time to time.

Next semester will be our center’s 50th anniversary, the center is trying to do something big for the event.

I also join China Program with their newsletter and conferences. It has been very busy since semester end.

Pictures will be provided and I will be introducing all the work in details later.


Jun Wan