Closing Soon

As the title suggests- this chapter is coming to a close. I have enjoyed my time here in East Hartford, CT. I can say that I have learned a lot about Corporate America, Pratt and Whitney , and myself as an individual. Corporate America can be a very vicious beast or a fairy angel. Being that this company is so large, you will meet numerous people of different backgrounds. It i s interesting to see how personal values often are portrayed, and I am referring to both negative and positive. Pratt and Whitney has a very diverse working population- race, age, academic level, etc. This fact has especially made this experience very interesting. Being a college student and young professional thrown into this sea of opportunity, I have been overwhelmed with blessings. It seem like I hear someone say, “I wish you were graduating this year” five times a week. That statement served as much needed assurance that I will not stress about finding a job after graduation. I have made the proper connections during my time here which made this experience even more worth it. Though this time was great, I’m ready to come home and visit all of my family!


Sydnei or Sydnei from PW

In any position, we represent the organization that we joined or were hired into. Therefore, our actions are very important. I receive emails daily and before responding, I am sure to assess the request at hand and then respond. Sydnei has been challenged in the past two weeks via email. I have received many emails from others attempting to micro-manage my responsibilities. Sometimes I contemplate responding at all. Once I have a moment, or two, I formulate a response that is in the favor of the business.  The same goes with the simple things. Sometimes I simply do not feel like interacting with others but, I pretty much do whatever it takes to get the job done. Hence why, lunch time and Fridays are my best friend!


Protecting your reputation is also important when spending time with others after work. I heard many horror stories on how employees attend Happy Hours and get a little too “Happy”. Though I don’t have to worry about that happening to me, I do have to consider how much of my personality I expose. I’m sure the Sydnei I am on the weekends should never meet my work associates. With that being said, always make sure to be on your P’s and Q’s.

Social Butterfly

This week at work has been eventful. Relationships have been growing and it is pretty interesting. People seem to share a lot more when they do not know you that well. I have learned a lot about others and how much their life has changed during their employment at Pratt & Whitney. Over the years some have met their spouses, had children, and traveled the world. A number of people I had the opportunity to connect with in these two short months I’ve been here have received promotions. This is especially exciting for me as I plan to join the workforce shortly. Witnessing others advance in their career gives me hope and confirmation that it can happen for me also. I am so grateful for this experience here as the knowledge and people I am meeting, as they are making an even larger impact on my life than they can imagine.

I’m Not Ready!

My intership is 12 weeks flat and I am not ready for it to be over. I am finally starting to feel like I am getting into the swing of things. I am preparing my final presentation and it doesn’t feel real. Though I have a couple more weeks, I am not ready to say goodbye to helpful people I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from. Though I already planned to return to Pratt and Whitney, I am so excited to start a career here.

Life and Work or Life is Work?

Roles in procurement are unpredictable, but this week I learned a little more about work and life; is there a separation between work and life? Work is work and life is life but the two often clash. Most professionals have to put in more than forty hours and that might result in missing a soccer game and milestones in a loved ones life. The area of work-life balance has always been important to me but I thought about it a little more when I was invited to a team happy hour. I am not of the legal drinking age so; my final decision to attend the happy hour was easily made though I contemplated for about a week. When the happy hour was the topic of discussion, I was told many horror stories of how professional’s character has been tarnished due to overconsumption of alcohol. Some get carried away and forget the individuals present at traditional holiday parties and cookouts. Other than my age, the separation from work and life made my decision to attend or not attend the happy hour more challenging, especially as an intern. As an intern, I obviously want to make a good impression on those already in positions that I would like to be in some day. How is it that one can have drinks and “get turnt” with coworkers at night and be accountable the next day? Being productive and having a fun relationship with coworkers is possible, but how do you gain that comfort ability? What if I was the employee that let self-control go off by the waist side? How could I allow those that I work with have that sort of leverage? I would like my relationship to be very clear and my character to be congruent. Of course I would attend the event with those thoughts in mind but life always happens. So the question that arises is, “Do I attend this event at all?” It would be great to network and interact with others from work, but I must admit that I did not listen to the voice inside my head that told me to go to the happy hour because I did not attend.

Pratt & Whitney, Week 5

Like most weeks, Week 5 was full of new information. I had the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire on a project to recover material before the end of the second quarter. This trip allowed me to see where and how all the material is stored once it has been received from suppliers. Pratt & Whitney and UPS began this partnership around four years ago and the two are working to make continuous improvements.  I also had the opportunity to learn more about internal processes and several troubleshooting strategies. About $1.5M was recovered with the help of the team that traveled to New Hampshire this week.  IMG_4557

Week 4- Pratt & Whitney

My fourth at Pratt and Whitney has been filled with more training, but the training is allowing me to understand the business full circle. The more I learn, the more interest I gain. During week one there were some things that I was completely confused about and at this point I find myself asking questions like, “Why is this?” or “Why is that?”. It was told to me that I am like a sponge and I soak everything up. I did not notice my level of curiosity, because I ask questions solely out of interest. I am slowly but surely gaining more responsibility and I am excited. Next week, I will be traveling to one of our engine centers in North Berwick, Maine. I am hoping that this will be a positive experience and give me opportunity to see material. This week has been especially interesting because, I am learning more about others in my group. In the beginning, I reservations about certain interactions, but now that I am getting know my team I see us building positive relationships. At the end of Week 4, I feel like I am finally starting to settle into the position and now the real magic will happen.

Minorities in Business

This week I learned a lot more about the company and it made me feel like I was included. It has been a challenge for me to gain confidence professionally because I am of the minority. In fact, I am a double minority being black and a female. My manager spoke about how much the company is changing and how there is a need for talent, but he also made light that there was the need for diverse talent. In addition to talks with him, I also had very meaningful interactions with someone I would consider a mentor who is a female supply chain manager. She worked her way up in the company and has not had any doubts. I was curious to know if she struggled to make her way, and she informed that she had to push her way to the top. Times are constantly changing and I am grateful. I advise everyone to create opportunities if the do not already exist!

Week 2 @ PW!

I finally ended my second week at Pratt and Whitney and it has been enlightening. This week I have connected with others on my team through shadowing and the topics and material does not seem like learning a foreign language. My understanding of the business has grown and it is a great feeling. I feel that my prior experience has given me much confidence and drive to learn more. Next week I will be starting my buyer training which will be valid when and if I get a full time offer. Other than constant learning about the different accounts and material that my team procures, I learned more about the growth and opportunities within the company. I encourage each of you to research the company and consider starting your career here. There are plenty of opportunities and I am sure each of them will teach transferable skills that could be used in any industry.

Second Year; New Start!

Best One Yet

I have returned to East Hartford, CT as an intern for Pratt and Whitney, a United Technologies Corporation. In the short time that I have been working this summer, I have realized that my experience with the company is coming around full circle. My position last year was in the Materials Management Organization in the Commercial Serviceable Assets, CSA, group. CSA is an aftermarket business within PW. I had the opportunity to learn about engines and connect with suppliers and customers. This year I will be working with the Global Supply Chain Organization focusing on procurement. I will be working to procure seals and bearing from domestic and international suppliers. There are more opportunities for growth in my current position. I hope that my prior experience prepares me for what is to come in the upcoming weeks as I plan to make this summer the best one yet!