Week3@ Speedway

I have been fully trained to work on the cash register. Learning this skill has improved my communication skill significantly. The store that I am located at happens to be right outside of the Detroit airport in Romulus. There are so many customers who walk in the door that my other responsibilities of cleaning and stocking are prioritized last, or whenever I can afford to step away from the counter. The different types of people who come into the store are never ending. I have had to communicate with people who speak broken English and those with disabilities. The more I talk to the customers, the more I enjoy my job.

Manning the register was not the only thing I mastered this week. My manager has entrusted me with scanning in vendors along with adding lottery counts. Vendors come to the store at least twice a day and it can sometimes be very challenging to step away from a long line at the counter to check in the orders. I was very excited to assume this new responsibility since only management is known to do so. Stocking cigarettes and pop is alright but I would rather be ordering or receiving them.

Week 2 @Speedway

Starting out my second week at Speedway I was finally able to start on the register in the store. Before starting, I was warned that there are many different types of people who come through the store and some are more frightening than others.  Since customer service is big at Speedway I was afraid of making a mistake during an order and being yelled at by a disgruntled customer. I was not worried by the different people but when I didn’t pick out the correct cigarette or understand what lottery ticket a customer wanted I was shocked. People are impatient but this makes sense at a gas station/convenience store.

The best part of my week was going to corporate to sit in on training classes for 2 full days. The first day covered Speedway’s Foodservice Development Program. This covered some history on the company and the importance of food safety in the stores. Proper cleaning of equipment, maintaining safe temperatures and most importantly proper grooming (leading cause of food borne illnesses is caused by poor personal hygiene).  The second day of classes I received a Field Leader’s Guide. This day covered the duties of a store manager and the benefits of working at Speedway. For every employee, Speedway offers a great 401k plan, health care plan and offers to pay a percentage on college expenses during employment.

Next week I will be given more duties, including but not limited to; ordering shipments, supplier invoices, and managing the inside of the cooler (that should be fun).

Week 1 at Speedway

The first week at a new job can be a little frightening, my first day at the store was definitely one of those jobs. Being hired as an Operations Management Intern at speedway has surely changed my view of convenience store workers. There are a lot of things to manage and encounters with a lot of different people. Now first true day was at corporate in Romulus where I was acclimated to Speedways mentality and understand my duties and where I was to report for the next 10 weeks. From my orientation I learned that Speedway is a fortune 500 company and happens to be one of the best convenience/gas stations in the United States. I heard great things from all of the employees, at corporate and in the stores, which makes me happy choosing to work at a big corporation that shows value not only to their customers but also their employees.

The first day at the store was a tricky day, since my manager was out on that day. The co-manager was not aware of my schedule, however he was relieved to have more help in the store. He showed me how to enter shipping statements and set up displays.

Recent news at Speedway, the company has acquired licenses for the sale of beer at most, if not all, speedway stores. This is a big accomplishment for the company since it was hard to obtain such a license. I happened to be able to meet some beer suppliers at my orientation when we all ate lunch together.