Frontier Promotions Week 10

This week I was out of the office on a road trip in Michigan city Indiana. I had a great time hanging out and getting to know different people from my office. Normally in the office you don’t have time to talk to everyone and get to know who they are outside of the office, but when ur at a hotel with them and get dinner with them you learn a lot about who they are.

Michigan city is really beautiful. It’s right on lake Michigan and there’s a lot of fun things to do there. We went to the beach one night, the zoo another and went to the pier the other nights.

While on the road trip I got the chance to gain management experience. I was one of three people who ran the road trip so I was responsible for making sure things went well. I had to run a mini office which was fun and I planned out what we would go over in the mornings.

Next week is my last week during this internship. I learned so much from it and have met some incredible people. I will miss working with all these people everyday.



Frontier Promotions Week 9

This was a good, really fun week for me. We had what my boss liked to call “intern takeover week” this week. This gave me and my fellow interns the chance to have more responsibilities and help run the office. Some of the responsibilities we had were running daily leader meetings, announcements, and morning meetings, as well as planning office night, and choosing daily teams for the field. On Wednesday, I was in charge of running the mornings leaders meeting. It’s about a 20 minute meeting where I talked to all the account managers and went over ways to make us more successful at training entry level employees to become leaders. It a fun and stressful time because I had to talk about something I didn’t quite fully understand to people who are more experienced and higher up in the company than me. A couple days before I did the meeting I talked with many different leaders as well as some assistant managers to figure out what made them successful. This experience tought me a lot and it was great to have that experience under my belt. Along with the meeting I was able to choose teams and plan office night on Thursday. Choosing teams is a lot harder than I thought because you have to figure out who is the best fit to train entry level employees while also trying to give newer leaders training experience. Also it was really cool to work with the other interns to plan a fun and sucessful office night. We decided to go to Air time and it was really satisfying to see so many people come out and have a blast.

Also this week I got to do more training which gives me more experience and helps me better my skills to teach new people. I look forward to next week because I am going on another road trip. I’m going to Michigan city in Indiana and hopefully it’s just as fun as the last one I went on.

Frontier Promotions Week 8

This was a slower sales week for me, but I learned a lot more management stuff this week. I learned a lot about different scenarios managers face when dealing with employees and how to handle those situations. That’s a lot of important information I learned because when I’m a manager or some type of boss in the future I will more than likely have those same situations happen to me and now I feel confident that I will be able to handle those situations properly.

I also learned a lot about interviewing. I went over how my company conducts all 3 of its interviews. What needs to be covered in each of them and why we do interviewing this way. I got to shadow another interview and this time I focused on detail, where last time I focused on the process. So for this interview I focused more on how the interviewer asked questions, when they asked questions, and how they answered questions. I feel like after watching the second interview I can totally conduct an interview, I’m just waiting for the chance to do one.

Week 7 Frontier Promotions

This was a short week due to the July 4th holiday. I got Monday and Tuesday off and only had to work three days this week, which was cool. Because of the short week, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The only thing different I did this week was host our weekly jeopardy game. Every Friday, two employees create a fun jeopardy game for the whole office to play before we go out to the field for the day. Hosting jeopardy is an easy but important weekly responsibility, because it how we have fun and get rid of stress from the week before we go out to the field for the day. My jeopardy game was a success because everyone loved the categories and questions, and everyone had a lot of fun. It was fun to have a little bit more responsibility this week and I am ready for more tasks next week.

Frontier Promotions Week 6

This week was a pretty normal week. Nothing too crazy happened. I had a very successful week though. I am doing well right now and am one of the top leaders in the office so that’s exciting. Because I am doing really well, I was able to shadow an interview on Thursday. This is exciting for me, because hopefully in the next month or two I will be able to start interviewing people by myself. Having that experience will be very beneficial to in future interviews because I will know what it’s like to give an interview. Also it will look fantastic on my resume when future employers look at my experience.

Other than getting the chance to shadow an interview, nothing out of the ordinary happened this week. I am still enjoying this internship and I am learning something new everyday.

Frontier Promotions week 5

This week was very fun, but also extremely different from the past 3 weeks. This week I was out in Grand Rapids instead of Ferndale on a road trip. It was a fun time and I got to know some of my co workers better.

While I was out there I got the chance to practice a different style of selling by building impulse. Because I was only going to be there for a week, I didn’t have the luxury of being able to go back a few weeks later to talk to the person in charge or to close. To build impluse I had to use what we call jiffs. The biggest thing I used was fear of loss. I would tell the customer all the benefits of my product, then when they say they have to think about it, I tell them today is the last day of the promotion which makes them have to think quickly and either roll the dice and go for it or miss out on the opportunity.

All together, the trip was enjoyable and informational. I learn a lot while going out with people I wouldn’t normally go out in the field with.

Frontier Promotions Week 4

This week was pretty good for me. On Monday I got promoted to an account manager. It’s really crazy to me that in only after 3 weeks, I got promoted. This promotion gave me a lot more responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are small office stuff like  making copies and making sure we have enough supplies. The bigger responsibilities are training and teaching entry level employees and in the future running meeting, planning events, and interviewing potential candidates.  I trained 2 people this week in the field and one of them did well enough that he can begin what’s call his solo push. This means that he gets him own territory and will go out on his own next week. It’s still crazy to me that I am able to train someone to where they are good enough to go out by them-self, and soon they will be able to train someone else, and I have only been doing this for 4 weeks.

The best part about the company is the fact that everything has a system. What we do everyday is built on a system so I can theoretically go to any location and still be successful. Also the way you get promoted is based on a system and not experience. You need to get the right numbers in order to be promoted. There are people that have been working for 3 weeks longer than I have and I got promoted before they did, because I stayed motivated and worked harder than they did.

I am really excited for the rest of this internship because I am learning a lot about sales, marketing, and management. Also next week I was selected to go to Grand Rapids and work in the territories down their so I’m really excited about that.