Week 9 Frito-Lay

Week 9 was the best week yet. On Tuesday all of the interns traveled to Detroit for some group development. We completed some team building exercises then all took a personality test. I really enjoyed the test, afterward, there was a discussion about where we ranked and the strengths and opportunities for our ranking. I found this discussion to be very beneficial.

After the development seminar, everyone traveled to the Tigers game! We were given field passes and got a chance to observe batting practice. Four Tiger’s employees talked to us about their jobs and how internships helped them land their role. They told us about a position that works between Frito-Lay and the different sports organization. I expressed my interest in the position to the human resource manager that accompanied us.  I hope that in a few years I may be given the chance to work in that role. Everyone met for a quick dinner then claimed our seats. The game was close but Tigers won 2-1! After the game was over we returned to the hotel.

The next morning we had a short meeting where we discussed the logistics of our final week and trip to Dallas. After concluding the meeting I returned to my distribution center and returned to my project.


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