Week 10-MORRIS

Another busy week here at the MSU dairy.

This week is our biggest calving week throughout the year. We had 17 calves due on August 2nd alone just to give you an idea. I worked a total of 53 hours this week.

Few new things I learned this week:

I learned how to properly inject lidocaine, feel for the horn, circle burn horn bud with a butane dehorner, chip the horn bud off, administrate Malexacan (pain medication) down a calve’s throat with ball gun, and post-op procedures.  This is really cool because not only to I save the farm money by being able to dehorn myself so we don’t have to pay for the vet to come out. But, I can also put this new certification on my resume when applying to future jobs.

I learned how to schedule employees for the fall semester. I personally had to text every person that works on the farm this summer and during spring semester, asking for their preferred fall schedule. On top of this overwhelming headache, I also had to take into account what job their were qualified for and MSU administrative rules.

I was also put to the task of being in charge of cow rotation (moves). There was so much information to take into account, days carried calf, age, research, and so much more according to her lactation cycle. So not only did I have to remember all the short codes that our dairy-comp system provides, I had to also know what they stood for and how to find them. Otherwise I would have to look up each cow individually, and with almost 600 cows that would take a long couple of hours.

I am really nervous to give my presentation on August 14th at the farm. Our manager now decided that we will have to do them in front of student employees, full-time staff, and a few industry guests.


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