week 9 morris


Not much has happened this week. With two broken ribs I am kind of limited to what I can help out with around the farm, but hey it finally forces my boss to help me catch up on my internship because she keeps pushing me to the side. I know it is because I came into the internship with more experience than majority of the other interns, but it still isn’t an excuse. I started learning how to work our farm’s dairy-comp system and making cow rotation lists. This coming week I will be learning payroll.

I took a couple of days off after breaking my ribs to rest, but little did that happen. Our county’s 4H fair was this week and my sister brought two horses and a feeder calf. One of the horse was actually my rodeo horse, who can be quite a handful so I spent most of my time up at the fair grounds to help her. While up there I got recruited to help judge our sweepstakes competition as the chicken judge. Which was shocking to me because yes I did show meat birds growing up, I was never very good, but hey I still had fun! I am surprised they didn’t ask me to judge horses our beef, something that I proved to excel in multiple time, but oh well.

Linked at the bottom of the page is a bull calf I delivered on Wednesday, I named him Drew. Funny story, when I went to open his box stall to feed him colostrum he jumped out and wouldn’t go back in until he finished his bottle. Stinker!







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