Week 10 Cargill Gibson City

Week 10


This past week seems like it flew by. Some days I feel like I blink and it’s time to leave already. Monday, we had a contractor come out and fix our bulk weigher crack. That meant that someone had to be on fire watch the entire day because the welder was welding from 9 am until 3:30pm. Me being e couldn’t sit still while I was watching for fires, so I swept water out from our rail load out incase we had a train show up. We spent most of the day setting up the ground piles for this coming harvest. We must couple aeration tubing to exhaust fans and then connect more aeration tubing onto that until we reach the center of the pile where our tower is. Roughly 130 aeration tubes are needed per pile. Tuesday afternoon I worked on my presentation a little bit by taking dome pictures of our plant. Wednesday I was told to go back out to the pile, so mike and I sorted tubes again until we ran out of decent socked tubes. That lasted until about 2pm. I spent the afternoon dealing with corporate policy. I was trying to get a security system set up, so we could view all our live feed cameras on 1 screen not 8. I had a contractor come out and look and everything on his end was fine. I reached out to corporate, and then I was introduced to the policy on computers and Cargill network. Don’t get me wrong I understand they want vetted computers on their server I get that, I just wanted to run security cameras, that we already had, onto 1 screen. That took 2 hours by the time I got everything sorted out. Thursday, we did plant inspections/ housekeeping and a pre-train inspection, making sure everything we needed to load a train was operational. Thursday I also spent some time in our control room doing more grading and sampling. Friday, I came in early at 6 am so we could load our train, that never showed up. I showed my manager my project for next week to present. That went over well, he seemed to like it which is a good thing. And the rest of Friday I just kind of followed one of the trainees around. We did try our new NGMO testing kits Friday, that as neat. I also put together office furniture with my supervisor and was able to talk about work and school and other things. Sunday our train finally showed up, so I spent today loading that.


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