Beuschel Fruit & Dairy Week 10

As I enter the final month of my internship, I’ve reflected a lot on what I’ve learned this summer. I truly love caring for animals and I’ve found my strengths in the workplace in doing so. We are gearing up for more animals to calf within the next few weeks, so I have to prepare my supplies for the program I created for fresh cows. I’ve also been doing a lot of breedings in the heifer pen and have watched the conception rate in the heifers increase now that the weather has cooled down a little bit. We also had a reproductive specialist come audit and visit with us this week to find areas of improvement in our programs. One thing I have been doing this week is be more conscious in watching for heats during the day and coming in the barn more often to watch for heats in cows. That’s one area we really needed improvements in. I also found a cow who slipped a calf and we didn’t know it, and she is consequently getting sold. She was a pet cow and I’ve really bonded with her- it’s sad to see her go! I’ve been getting to know each animal on the farm so well this summer and I’ve given my all to give them the best life possible. I want to continue to do so in my career and after school when I return to this farm.


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