Kroger Intern-Week 10

During my final week here at Kroger the main focus was the volunteer event as it finally arrived after much preparation. Each intern had specific goals and all were very important such as hanging up lights to light the path, preparing the food tables, manning the water stations, and placing signs for runners to follow the path. The event went well as planned due to all of our hard efforts and how much time we put into it. Aside from the event we are hard at work on each of our individual group projects as we present at the end of this week. With our presentations near completion, we have been practicing to present that way the chance of errors is very slim.

Overall, this internship experience has been fantastic, the connections I have made and the places we have been have all been very eye opening. The in-store experience has been my favorite part of the internship as this is where I was able to get a hand on experience and see how the in-store environment differs from the corporate environment. I am proud of what I have done here at Kroger during these past ten weeks and will be very sad when we all say our final goodbyes. In the future Kroger would definitely be somewhere I would want to work as their family type work environment is something that suits me well. (The picture below was taken at the volunteer event that the interns hosted.)Volunteer Event


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