week 12 (CED)

This was my last week of my internship and was a good last week. This week i did a bunch of meetings to learn about how we purchase and did a little project on creating new promotions for our counter. We came up with some promotions for greenlee that with every 100 dollars of purchase you get a free greenlee tool pack. This week also was a reflection of the internship so we basically did whatever segment of the internship we wanted. I decided to learn more about inside and outside sales. I shadowed some inside sales this week and learned how quotes and orders are compiled. I also went on a outside sales call where we met up with the customer had lunch and discussed some business and basically kept tabs on the relationship with the customer. Although we werent exactly trying to sell them anything, by keeping good relations, we can have their business in the future. Reflecting on this internship, it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Although i’m not going to pursue full time with them, the experiences and skills i learned from this internship was unparalleled. I learned much about how the real world works and how a business operates. I learned a bunch of accounting principles from dissecting profit and loss statements and learned a bunch about purchasing and pricing theory. Its safe to say this internship has made me more prepared for getting a full time job after i graduate college.


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