Sam’s Club Week 10

This week is my last week interning at Sam’s Club. My journey has been wonderful. I met some many people such as associates, team leaders, managers, and members. I’ve gained so many skills such as my confidence, phone etiquette, leadership, and speaking skills. When I first started interning at Sam’s Club, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. 10 weeks later, I’m not afraid of any challenges that are ahead with me. I worked with so many departments such as marketing, fresh, hard lines, and membership. I learned beyond the basics of how to run a store. This week, the store gave me a cake for all of my hard work and dedication towards our club. I receive a lot of respect from my coworkers due to me making the best decisions and having a positive attitude. This week is the most important week since my team and I have to present our final project to Sam’s Club corporate. My team is competing with another team for first place for our project. My team and the other team are the top 2 intern teams in the country.  I have confidence that my team and I will win first place. I’m grateful and thankful that I had the opportunity of interning at Sam’s Club.


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