Bader & Sons Co.- Week 8

This has not changed much from the last few. I am still completing my normal tasks while in the parts department and doing trucking for the sales department. The only thing that made this week different was that there was more trucking than usual. The rain we got helped pick things up a little over the course of the week which was helpful .

Some interesting happening of the week was that I had to run to our Portland store to pick up a mower for a customer. We always try and sell the oldest mower within the company so this means it is not always at the store you are working at. We usually can have them transferred to any of our stores within 3 days, however most are next day. For some reason this mower had taken 4 days and it still was not in Grand Ledge. The salesman sent me up to Portland to pick it up because the customer was calling and threatening to go buy somewhere else. Once I got it back I had to swap decks with a mower we had in the show room because it had a 54 inch deck and the customer wanted a 48 inch deck. After doing all of this and getting it cleaned up I finally got it to the customer who was on the east side of Bath. Doing all of this running around made for a long day. However, it wasn’t all bad because I got to use the new delivery truck which is a 2017 Silverado Duramax. All in all the customer was very happy to have their mower that day. Another interesting thing that happened this week was a salesman gave me a wrong address for picking up our demo mini excavator. He sent me to Harper road when it was supposed to be Howell. The salesman told me that it was right out front of the guys house but the address he gave ended up being a truck repair shop. With no excavator in sight I decided to call the customer. The customer was very happy to help me by giving me the right address and said if I had any other problems finding the place to call back. I ended up getting there no problem after that. Below is a picture after I had got back to the store with the excavator.



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