AgriGold Week 9

This week with AgriGold was a long and wet one.

I started the week helping our field advisors in Grand Ledge invite their growers to a farm journal yield tour event that will occur in August. This event will help growers learn how to maximize their yields and get the best possible yield for their unique operation. I brought invitations to the growers and explained to them what would be happening and to RSVP to me by the end of the week. This was a great experience as it was all new growers and was a good way to get me “out of my comfort zone”. I visited near ten operations and hope that near half can attend.

I also put some signs up down in Indiana again which was a fun time.

Other than that the rest of my week consisted of a  lot of scouting on our Advantage Acre Platform again. I saw many western bean cutworm egg masses again and some of them were starting to hatch. I also saw some European corn borer for the first time. A tell tale sign of these are the “shot gun holes” in the leaves of the corn where the borer feeds through the leaf. You can also see where the corn borer has been feeding through the stalks and the stuff they eat through pops out the side of the plant. It’s quite fascinating to see all these things that can affect the health, yield, and potential of corn. I now understand why scouting is such an important task to do.

The biggest thing I have learned this week is to make the best out of each day. Even when it’s raining or wet and may be uncomfortable to look at the bigger picture and remember what your worth is, and that I am making a difference for each farmer I scout for.


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