Week 8 Wilbur-Ellis

This week at Wilbur-Ellis was more of the same from previous weeks. Brown rot has started to emerge more and more so farmers have really been trying to spray and kill it. Leaf spot is beginning to disappear completely in everything but the youngest trees where it is somehow holding on for dear life. Harvest has officially begun in the Traverse City region. This week growers started shaking their cherry trees to gather the crop. You would think at this point in the season my scouting would not be as important to the growers. That is in fact wrong. Right now is when the cherries need to be at their best because they are going to be heading out to be sold. If the cherries are not at their best then the grower will not get paid for them. So today I will talk a little about my scouting reports. Below is part of a finished report from a wine vineyard.scout pic

As you can see there is a map with little yellow numbered boxes. I walk around the vineyard and if I see a pest or disease then I drop a pin and record what I found. When there are no problems I drop a pin and let the grower know what growth stage the crop is at in that particular area and that there are no problems there. These pins show up as the yellow boxes in the final report. As you can see from my report this is a very well maintained vineyard.

We can give reports to growers in one of two ways. The first is the simple paper report and the second is through AgVerdict. The latter is my favorite way to give reports. It gives the grower a better idea of what is going on in particular areas of their fields and proves to them that there is somebody actually walking their ground instead of making things up.


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