Week 8 BASF

This week was quite similar to weeks in the past. I first spent the week, working on our plant health trial, completing our second root dig. We still are finding very interesting results compared to treated and untreated counterparts. This includes vast yield potential in regards to ear size. We have been showing our growers the results of what we have been finding to this point. So far, the growers have been very excited about the results that we have been seeing and it is our hopes that this will in turn increase sales next year. I also had the opportunity to ride along with another member of our team in Illinois for a day this week. It was very interesting seeing how he handles business with his retailers. My goal for this ride along was to experience what it is like for someone who is just entering the role as this business rep just started in January. This provided a fresh perspective for me as many of the reps I have been working with are more experienced. The remaining portion of the week I spent traveling to various retail locations in my area discussing Enginia and the plant health market outlook. It’s been really great this week because now that everyone has slowed down I have been able to sit down with salesmen and have discussions more than I was able to in the past.


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