Week 8 at Brown Bag Seafood

Another exciting week in the books at Brown Bag. This week I was able to move out of the kitchen and focus more on floor management, while learning some of the other manager functions of the restaurant. As Alejandro was back from his time with the military and was able to resume his position leading the line and I was afforded the opportunity to work outside of the kitchen this week. I started the week as floor manager with my supervisors assistance during the afternoon/evening shifts so that I could get a taste of what would be asked of me during the lunch rush. As most of Brown Bag’s business comes from professionals in the area coming down for lunch, we thought it was better to ease me into the position in the evening first. So on Monday and Tuesday I was able to sleep in, come in at 4pm, then help oversee the restaurant during the dinner period then oversee the closing of the restaurant. This wasn’t anything too unusual for me, as the slower evening period was very similar kind of shift to the Sunday shifts I have been working as manager all summer. Then Wednesday through Friday I came in at 9am to help oversee the opening of the restaurant and preparation for a lunchtime rsh period. This meant starting by sending out our daily specials email to all of the employees so they can be up to date on what we are serving before they step foot in the door. Next we deposited the cash dropped by cashiers the previous business day. Then we go out to the floor to ensure the kitchen staff are beginning their pre-shift routines like starting rice cookers, mixing slaw, and stocking the line. Last, just before starting the lunch rush we lead the staff in a “Take Ten” meeting where we discuss the menu items and any other information that could be useful for the staff that day. From this point forward these will be most of my responsibilities as intern, and then the completion of the project I am working on. Hopefully this affords me more time and energy to focus on the project.


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