Stone Road Farms-Week 8

This week was a for the most part a typical week. I spent time preparing for upcoming weeks. We are starting to cut sorghum sudan grass today and chop on Monday. So I spent the week greasing and servicing the equipment, the majority of which had been done since last cutting of hay. We got some new oil barrel pumps and meters, which are pretty cool, and make it very nice for servicing equipment.

The big task for the week is trying to figure out our water pressure issue. We had a problem with water pressure, and we had to track where the leak was coming from on the farm, and all the lines are underground. We had a good idea where it was coming from, so we dug up the water line in a junction spot, capped off the line where it goes to an unused side of the farm. Then we put a hydrant at the spot for power washing equipment. This fix was enough to fix all of our problems, and probably slow down a bunch of future ones as well.

Also we start running wheat at home today, so that means we get to prepare for straw bailing. So today while my dad and I begin to run wheat, I get to haul grain to Grand Ledge ADM and my dad runs combine. With this set up we should be done in a day or so. Then comes planting sorghum after bailing straw, so the fun never really ends.



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