Sam’s Club week 6

This week has been the most interesting week for me. I worked with the claim associate, asset protection manager, and overnight crew. I had to come to work at 4 am. That was a struggle for me. While working with the overnight crew; I helped stock items on the MCaps and managing pallets. In my opinion, the overnight crew work at a faster pace than the day crew. The Sale floor has to be clean before the members come in the club. I learned so much information from the Claims Associate. I learned how to markdown items. When an item is damaged or missing parts; the items has to get marked down by 30% or the percentage the item is missing by. For an example, say a carton of soap have 6 bars of soap. If the carton is missing 4 soaps, then that carton will get markdown by 67%. Claims associate deals with a lot of returns. When it comes to online returns, the claims associate has to wait for corporate approval no matter what the product is. Sam’s Club has code names for different returns. Code 2 is when something is return that is no longer in the system.  The Claims Associate has to deal with safety precaution. Whenever there is anything with a lithium ion battery, the item needs to have a sticker on it for shipping purposes. When Shadowing the Asset Protection Manager, she showed about the gas comp. The Gas Comp is when the manager key in their competitor gas prices twice a day. She told me about Archer. It’s a site in which the asset protection managers have to key in everything. I learned about audit procedures. Full category is when every item within that category needs to be counted. Fresh audits are called category 48, 56, and 57. Category 48= pre-packaged bakery goods. Category 56: Produce and floral. Category 57: Branded deli. These audits have to be done every week. One thing that stuck my mind was when I found out that Sam’s Club donate foods to Lansing’s food banks. I am a firm believer in giving back to the community.  This picture below are some of the items that will be donated.


file (4).jpeg


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