Lifestyles Hot Tubs: Week 8

This week has been very interesting. So far, we have not had any internet since Tuesday, we assume because of all the storms, and it looks like it will be a few days or so before we can get our either our provider or our IT department down here to fix it.  Internet is a must have here. Easily 75% of our communication is done through email and Skype. Not to mention all our hot tub information is on the computer, saved on a cloud service. So now I have no way to show customers different products on the computer or write-up an estimate without having to call another store or manager. But more importantly, I cannot communicate with customers and coworkers about problems, questions, or even store business. Luckily, I am still able to make and receive phone calls and I can assist customers in-store with any questions, purchases, and water tests. Not having this “common” luxury is a real test to how well I know my information. I can’t double check everything I say on the computer, I ever know it or I don’t. Hopefully this will help me recognize my areas of weakness and give me something to study and improve on once the internet is back.

Another thing that has been spoken of the last few week, is not happening. People from my store have taken on new positions entirely and I am now left working by myself or with a corporate manager for part of the day, if they have the time. To me this is great! I have been put in charge of an entire store, until they can find a replacement manager. Several days this week I will be working alone. Yesterday and today were one of those days. I have been given all managerial and store responsibilities on an interim basis. This is a lot of responsibility for someone who has only been here a few months. It has really given me the chance I need to show the company that I can handle running the store. If I was in need a full-time position and wasn’t planning on school in the fall, I would have applied for the assistant manager position. I know there are people who are more qualified than me for the management position, that work at our other locations, but I think they would see me as a great assistant manager. Either way this is a good test to see what I know and to see how well I can assist customers without the help of a manager. So far being the only one in the store is not bad, but it is quiet and can be boring when customers aren’t coming in. My only fear is having too many customers come in at once and I not be able to help them all quick enough and they either get angry or they just leave. I hope I can figure it out and have no problems running the store alone. It’ll be good experience if nothing else, but I know I will learn a lot from this.


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