Indian Brook Trout Farm – Week 8

New Building

This is one of the buildings where young fish are kept until they have grown enough to be transported to the larger outdoor ponds. Keeping fish healthy is not easy. As you can see in the picture, there are nets and brushes for each tank. This prevents cross contamination when cleaning up tanks. In this system, each tank has its own inflow of clean water. Water never flows from one tank into another. This way, if fish in a tank get sick, other tanks would not be affected. Fish are as good or healthy for humans to consume, as what you put in the fish. That is why we don’t use antibiotics or any kind of hormones in the fish. If we notice that fish are looking sick in a tank, it is most likely “bacterial gill infection”. We use Chloramine-T, which is basically what we use in swimming pools to prevent algae and bacteria from growing, but in a much more diluted dose. The fish will be swimming for a few minutes in the same thing we swim in at swimming pools, which cleans the surface of their gills and bodies from bacteria. We use this compound because it breaks down and evaporates quickly. Chloramine-T is used for soaking and disinfecting medical and dental equipment, and even drinking water disinfection. After one or two treatments, the fish in the tank will start to look happy again.

The water is key in raising healthy and safe to eat fish, and that’s why we use possibly the cleanest natural water in Michigan. This water comes from wells that go 300 feet down into aquifers. Water is naturally filtered before it gets to the aquifers, so the water coming out of the wells is crystal clear and safe to drink for humans. The fish live in this clean water, so they don’t have the chemicals or heavy metals that wild caught fish have. It also improves the taste of the fish, as our fish don’t have the “earthy” taste fish caught in rivers, ponds, or grown in ponds without liner have.


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