Auto-Owners week 8

This week at AO seemed like it took forever. Partially because it was my first full week in 3 weeks due to a vacation and the 4th of July. The other reason it was slow was because I didn’t have much to do towards the end of the week. I was trying to do little odd jobs and things like that.

One observation I have made over the last few jobs I have had is that coffee makes the business world run. Almost everyone in my department has at least one cup a day. We even have our own barista bar downstairs so we can purchase decent coffee and smoothies, and every break room has a Keurig to use. I try to not rely on coffee or other caffeine much, but this week it was necessary. I didn’t get much sleep on Tuesday night due to a Jimmy Buffet concert at DTE. It was awesome besides getting down poured on after the encore and having to drive back to Lansing in wet clothes. The storms also put a damper on my week due to multiple power outages and not being able to cook any food. This allowed me to get to know some of the guys at work better because I joined them out to eat for lunch every day.

Chris left on vacation for 2 weeks to Europe so hopefully I will be getting some of the claims that he would be getting. They have been giving me easier, straight forward claims to handle which I am happy about. I still don’t know enough about claims to handle some of the trickier ones and don’t want to cost the company money by messing up. I did have a couple slight mishaps this week with my claims. The one I added incorrectly and had wrong numbers on the demand so the other carrier asked for clarification. We also must put proof and documentation about what we pay and why. I don’t feel as bad because it took my supervisor a while to figure what the actual number should be, and she had to ask for help too. The other claim I handled made me mad. I was assigned the claim, reviewed it and sent out a demand two weeks ago. This week I received the check for $1,300.00 and processed the recovery. Today, I got an email saying it was our third-party vendor’s recovery. They sent their demand 3 days before I did, and something on our computer system messed up when they sent it back to us to handle. At least we got the recovery, but it would’ve been nice to add to my numbers and not have to pay their recovery fee. You win some and lose some, I guess. I hope everyone had a great week!


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