Week 8: Crosscon Industries

Week 8 has flown by. Still have my normal routine every day that I have to make sure I get done. The week has been fairly smooth though, no real issues like a missing truck or release. So, it’s been fairly easy this week. One of the co-owners of the company is in China right now, I’m not exactly sure for what reason. But, I would assume it would have to do with what we need to receive from China in the future because that’s where we get all of our parts from. If there was anything that was interesting that happened this week it was that one of our customers decommissioned some parts that we usually ship daily to them. I’m not sure why they did this, but it could be because they just have to many of those parts, or they’re just not using the parts anymore. I will try to look more into why this happened, but for now I will just go with it. I will finish the week strong and take on any obstacles in my path. It doesn’t feel like we have about a month left, but I’m looking forward to it and want to keep learning.


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