Stone Road Farms- Week 7

This week started busy with chopping hay and finishing that up. But at the same time it is the calm before the storm. We have a lot of tasks scheduled for the next few weeks in a row and all of which are to be managed by myself. We start with wheat being harvested at home, and then at work we have to bale straw. After that we need to start fitting wheat stubble ground for sorghum sudan grass to be planted. At the same time we will then begin to cut and chop our spring planted sorghum sudan grass. Once these have been done we start right back up with hay again. But among all this chaos I still need to maintain the equipment from day to day along with helping with cattle work.

Today especially was an interesting day at the farm. I left to go and pick up parts to service our 9330. When I get to the local Bader and Sons, I get a phone call from a coworker and said we have a fire. So I get my parts and haul butt home. I get back to the farm to find we had some hay that was ground the previous day had caught fire and we pulled it out of the barn and it was burning on the feed pad. So luckily nothing had been lost other than a couple tons of hay. Which with our tract record of fires, is quite an accomplishment. But the big question is what could have sparked to begin this fire, because it was not wet hay. So this is where the investigating into equipment begins

. Burning hay.jpg


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