John Marion Inc. Week 7

This week as been a quick but busy three days. We were given Monday and Tuesday off this week because of the holiday. Wheat harvest is now underway and we are beginning to receive truck loads. Farmers can either sell their wheat for the current cash price, fill their contracts, or delay the price. Most of the farmers that we deal with are large enough that contracts are their main choice. Here is a picture of our dump pit for incoming grain. During the wheat season we see around 20 trucks a day. Fall harvest on the other hand is upwards of 80-100 trucks a day. We move a lot of grain in a short amount of time. Our goal as a company is to move farmers through as quickly as we can to ensure their time is spent in the field harvesting.


An interesting experience that I had this week was climbing to the top of our grain bins to enjoy a nice view. We went up to complete routine maintenance that included greasing and clearing the clogged grain pipe lines. It was a little scary at first because of how high you are, but once I began to work I felt more comfortable. The experience is like no other because you can see fields for miles and miles. This picture is a view looking down from where I was. In the picture is one of our sprayer drivers filling up for the next field along with the maintenance shop.


In looking into next week we will be completing two main tasks. First, wheat will be in the heart of harvesting so unloading and grading the grain they bring in will be a continued learning experience. Second, the three sprayers we have will be transitioning to Y drops. With the corn becoming taller and the second dosage of nitrogen being needed, Y drops are the perfect fit. Y drops are long rubber looking hoses that connect to the boom of the sprayer. It is an easy way to reach the ground surface so the nitrogen can be taken in by the roots.

The best part about my internship is that I am doing something different everyday. My experiences and learning opportunities seem endless because I have been part of every process that occurs at John Marion Inc. I am getting ready for the mad rush of fall harvest here in a few months! Can’t wait!


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