The beginning of this week was not that exciting except for the fact that it was my last days at the Speedway on Merriman road just north of I-94. My manager was on vacation so I did not get to say goodbye, but I still worked with my co-manager and he saw me off to my next assignment. Being that it was the Independence Day on Tuesday, I thought there would be more customers on Monday and Wednesday coming to the store. It was quiet during my shifts so it was kind of an easy last two days. My co-workers did tell me however that there were some crazy rushes on the holiday so I was lucky to have the day off. It was nice working in the store since I never have had that kind of customer service experience before. From the store, I will take away valuable people, team/communication, and selling skills. I will also take away some cool beer supplier swag that was given to the store for its employees. So, I received a Coors Light and Miller Lite hat, two Miller Lite cozies and a great bottle opener.

The second part of the week was a heck of a drive. Driving to Romulus everyday was nice because it was only around 20-30 minutes away from home. However, now I must drive 45 minutes to an hour to the city of Warren. My new assignment is having to shadow a District Manager (DM) during the day. I was lucky enough to be partnered up with an experienced DM who is still young and someone that I can relate to. Starting at 8 a.m. we stopped by a total of three out of the 12 stores that is under his management. On Friday, we stopped at three stores as well but only two different from the first. Each store was different and every manager had a different system of managing. To say the least, I was very impressed by the work ethic of managers and the staff. The reason we went back to one store on Friday was due to a former employee being fired for embezzling money on the job. We went over the camera footage and notified the police. It was a smooth process. After the situation was handled the store that we were at was given a surprise monthly inspection by the Field Inventory Manager (FIM). It was a crazy day with full of surprises.

Sorry for not posting pictures but it is very unprofessional to be taking pictures while working at speedway. The company’s focus is on the customer, not taking pictures.


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