Week 7 (CED)

Week 7 was pretty short but productive week for me. The first day i got back, i continued to work the counter and was able to full fill orders by myself. I had understood some of the lingo that contractors use and was now able to easily fill orders. This time at the counter has made me appreciate every aspect of any job. People might be hired for lesser desired roles but everyone has a role to play. The next day i got switched into purchasing. In this section of the internship, i will learn how to correctly purchase backorders, purchase stock items and learn how to add SKUs. Today i spent the day refilling orders on our lithonia and Seimans line. I also learned how to create backorders or in other words orders that we cant fill through stock so we have to order it individually. Purchasing so far has taught me that i really need to pay attention to detail and to do things carefully and meticulous. This week i have also gotten the opportunity to shadow a contractor for a day. This allows us to truly understand our customer base better. This week was a short week but i still learned a good amount. Next week i will continue purchasing and perhaps transitioning into inside sales.


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