Week 7 at Brown Bag Seafood

Another exciting week at Brown Bag in the books. We started the week with a very successful Monday as the tourism in Chicago was very busy for the 4th. That being said we were all able to enjoy a day off to celebrate the 4th of July which was much appreciated from the whole staff. However, that also meant I needed to make up some hours for the week with having 2 days off so I had to work very long days the rest of the week. On Wednesday this was okay because we had enough staff at the restaurant to ensure things ran smoothly. However, Thursday night we were without a dishwasher for the night so that meant I had to jump into the dish room for the night. While I did not particularly enjoy my time in the dish room I can appreciate it was a valuable experience. When I saw our lunchtime dishwasher the next day I explained to him what happened and that I have a newfound appreciation for what these guys do. I compared being a solo dish washer to washing dishes at Thanksgiving, except the table is just never clear. Then at the end of the night, after being up to my elbows in hot soapy water for four hours, I was also responsible for taking out all of the trash from the restaurant as well. This I had never done before, and turned out to be a much more complicated process than I had imagined. Because our restaurant is at the 1st floor of one of the nicer apartment buildings in the City, there are no dumpsters out back for us to toss bags into. So this means we have to load up a cart with all of our trash and take them in an elevator to the parking garage which then leads to the trash room. All in all I have to admit I was not the happiest camper in the world walking out of the restaurant close to midnight that night but the experience was valuable in case I need to train any future employees on how to do these things, and helped me to appreciate the job done by the guys who do it on a daily basis.


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