Sam’s Club Week 5

This was my first week back in South Lansing, and it was a much needed change of pace compared to the Traverse City club. Traverse City was packed every day from very early in the morning until closing time. The South Lansing club was busy last week too, but now we have entered into our slowest sales period of the year. This gave me a perfect opportunity to work on the first project that we must have completed by the 14th. For this project, we are required to travel to different business members buildings, tour their facilities and discuss ways in which we can help them improve their business as well as how they thought that we could improve our own.

I am to travel to 15 Business Members in total. The 15 are split into three subcategories: Top, Declining, and New. For our top members, we attempted to focus our meetings on the components in which have built a strong relationship in the first place. What is Sam’s Club doing well? How can we continue to keep your business? These questions were popular for the Top Members. For Declining Members, we focused our concerns on trying to figure out the reasons for our losing their business. We tried to brainstorm different ways in which to mend the failing relationship. For our New Members, we wanted to find out as much as possible about each business to see how we can build the strongest relationship with them.

All in all, this was a tiring week. Driving all around town to different businesses and planning different strategies for each company was pretty difficult, but onto week 6!


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