MMPA: Week 7

This week went by extremely fast since I took off Monday and had Tuesday off for 4th of July. But when I got back Wednesday I jumped right back into business. With my ongoing fed forecasting project, I am constantly checking the markets and any potential inputs that may affect prices such as weather and trade deals. I thought I was coming close to a conclusion, thinking that prices were going down. But mother nature once again has surprised us with a drought. The Dakotas are the states most affected by the drought, causing their spring wheat crop to perish. If you take a look at the market for the past few days, you will notice wheat prices soaring (ABM 225 knowledge right there). Wheat prices do not really affect feed prices, but still something to take notice of. If the drought worsens then it may cause problems with corns pollination cycle which is happening for the next few weeks. If pollination does not occur then this may drive yields down for the year. But right now, things are looking to be okay. My boss also told me that my predictions and findings were lining up with what professionals in the industry were saying as well, so that was a great feeling.

This week was MMPA’s Advisory meeting where they have local representatives come in from each district to represent the farms in their area and discuss current issues and or progress within the cooperative. The president of the cooperative, Ken Nobis, spoke about current topics within the news and upcoming changes within the co-op regarding the new ERP system and new way of calculating milk checks. Things got a little interesting when some of the members voiced their concerns regarding changes. Usually this is due to milk prices declining, but don’t worry, I’m predicting that prices will be increasing for next year. Hopefully.

Senator Debbie Stabenow also came in to speak about the Farm Bill which she is heavily supportive of and involved in. The Bill supports farmers and protects the ag industry which provides 1 in every 4 people here in Michigan with a job. She was the coolest woman ever. She walked in and shook everyone’s hand going around the room introducing herself, very personable. She knew a lot of people’s names already since she has been working close with the dairy industry to help increase milk prices. Once she left we discussed the DAIRY PRIDE Act which is a big deal right now in the dairy industry. This Act is in favor of enforcing the FDA’s definition of dairy and not allowing plant based alternatives to have the word “dairy on the label”. To me this makes total sense, European countries do not label their almond milk as milk but rather as juice. People against this act claim that consumers already know that it’s not actually a milk or dairy product, but rather an alternative. But let’s be real, they don’t.  7% of consumers thought chocolate milk came from brown cows, 48% of them had no clue at all where it came from. I cannot stress enough how misinformed consumers are about their food. Sure, they may understand that almond milk is not milk from a cow, but they don’t understand that it is NOT a suitable replacement for dairy when it comes to nutrition. Click here for an article talking about how milk and almond milk compare.

If this is Act is something you agree with and would like to pass then go to read more about the act and to email your local representative. They hear from anti agriculture supporters daily but do not often hear from farmers supporting the bill, most likely because they are busy working. But that’s none of my business. So please voice your opinion to help make an impact and make a difference in an Act that will affect the ag industry.milk


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