Kroger- Week 4

This week I really enjoyed going into work each day. The beginning of the week was extremely busy due to The Fourth of July so I always had something to do. It was nice seeing how the store operated on such a busy day, and learn from the problems we ran into along the way, such as having the dairy truck arriving late. I was able to get a real taste of the retail side, for if I decide to work for Kroger upon graduation I will have to work weekends and holidays.

Following the holiday, I completed my first ride along with Jackie, the human resources manager. We visited many different stores and dealt with situations these stores were having. I found this side of the industry very exciting and something I want to pursue more. In order to excel in human resources someone needs to be outgoing and easy to talk to. I feel I would fall good into this category. Throughout the day, Jackie answered any question I had regarding her work and also gave me advice that I would need to someday be in her position. I am happy that I was able to have this opportunity because I now know that this is an area I need to look more into.

Next week is my last week working in the stores with the Richmond team and I am sad the time went by so quickly. I am happy they have already taught me so much and I can’t wait to see what more I have to learn next week.


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