JK Moving Services week 7

I have really been able to pick up on very valuable skills so far during my internship that I did not have prior. My negotiating skills have improved as when I am shopping for quotes and prices I always go out to try to find the best deal. It is absolutely crucial to negotiate prices and always ask if someone can go lower. I believe that even if they can’t it does not hurt to just to ask, because almost all of the time the worst thing that will happen is that they will just say no. I have also founded it very crucial at work to keep notes and not try to remember how to do everything. I have come across a couple of situations that If I would’ve written it down in the first place I would not have to seek out help from one of my busy managers. Although I am finding it crucial to ask questions rather doing something that you do not know how to do but you are too scared to ask questions. I have found that it doesn’t hurt and that your managers will see that you are engaged and want to do things right. Most of the times your coworkers are willing and happy to help you out on things you do not know how to do yet. I am confident I am doing a good job here but have not really heard much feedback. Which I feel like is a good thing but It would be nice once in a while to here positive or even negative feedback so I can improve my work and become more efficient and making less mistakes. As far as the rest of my time goes here I hope to improve further on my selling skills and hopefully I get put in more situations where I can expand on this.


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