Coyote Logistics: Week 7

This week was one of the best yet. I had Monday and Tuesday off for the fourth of July; hope everyone had a great holiday! Also, I had a half day on Wednesday because I was on team in a intra-work contest that won. Which leads me into a fun topic! My role at Coyote Logistics is to do carrier sales; more specifically I am in the West-Coast sales section of the country. My main focus is west coast, however I am aloud to book freight all over the country. Coyote separates its carrier sales reps by college conferences across the country. For example, my west coast sales focus is made up of the Pac-12 North, Pac-12 South, and Mountain West conference. Inbound Michigan freight would be in the Big 10 East conference!

Each conference does daily and weekly competitions for same day and important freight on a points system. Same day sales count for a certain amount of points and specific important loads for more points. The winner of each day gets to leave at 2PM and the overall winner for the week gets to pick one day to leave at noon. Each week has a theme and this past week I came up with the theme for the whole west coast: Nicholas Cage movie characters. It was a hit across the office! Each team has about 7 representative on them and there are 10-12 teams each week.

This week I also had my best sale to date! Out of 38 sales total, this one had the highest margin. The customer was Aldi and they paid us $6300 to broker one of their loads of dry grocery product and I sold it to the carrier for $4600 making my mentor almost $200 in comission!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


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