BASF week 7

This week has been slower week with the recent holiday. I first started it off on the lake, and by lake I do not mean the submerged corn fields in northern Indiana. Although many of those fields that have flooded in recent weeks were defiantly deep enough and large enough for boat access. Moving back to my internship I have spent it working in the plant health market. I find this very interesting just because in my area not very many growers use fungicide on corn especially at VT growth stage. I was able to attend a plant health meeting at a Crop Production Services location and I found it very beneficial for the growers that attended and myself. I was able to gain some ways to better explain how fungicides can be beneficial not just for disease but for overall performance. I was able to go on my first drift complaint which was very exciting for me and for sure not anyone else involved. We took some measurements and other recorded other data to use in the investigation to see what exactly was the cause of the drift. More than likely it was the operator not following the label especially with wind is what we believe so far. It will be interesting to see what we conclude with what we thing has happened in the next few days. Hopefully it is something that can be fixed and taken care of for the future.


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