AgriGold Week 8

This week was short but seemed very long, maybe it was the hot weather that we had dodged so far this summer. I spent a large amount of my time scouting again, and other parts talking to growers about Advantage Acre ( our ag platform ) and signing them up for their own accounts so they can see where I have scouted. We also loaded/drew in a lot of fields for growers.

One thing I had to pay close attention to was the western bean cutworm egg masses that came in earlier then usual this year. They appear in a hexagonal shape and can be whitish or purplish in color. These cutworms are especially bad for the ear and can impact grain yield amounts. I have included a picture for you to check out. They are hard to spot and require close attention when scouting to be observed. Most often they appear on the flag leaf of the corn plant and can be on either side, I found some on the inside of the leaf and others on the backside. I also spotted some of the moths that actually lay the eggs. The hardest part about finding them at times was being tall enough. A good amount of the corn I am scouting is taller than me, CRAZY! There are two generations of these bad boys each summer. So not only will we be paying close attention now but as the second generation makes its way onto the corn plant as well. Growers have to make smart and quick decisions on the time of spray for the cutworms along with if it’s worth the spray depending on amount of attack.

I’ve really enjoyed the miles I’ve walked in corn fields and all the awesome things I have been learning about Corn. I’m thankful for a very knowledgeable and helpful corn specialist to always be a phone call or text away to help me know what something I observe is. Here’s to another week, can’t believe I only have a little over a month left!520956275



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